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LOVE depicted in Art

Love in Art…

how can LOVE be depicted in Art; it can be a scene of the beloveds or idyllic family picnic in nature like in the impressionists period of endless summers of joy and love, or images the beloveds tender touch. It can also be in the actual creative formation of the shapes in the art piece, almost like when one can feel that the food really tastes good, as it was cooked with love. So is true with paintings, they can be done with care and love…

Again, it’s also very much in the eye of the beholder. It is the personal being that sees what we artists creates or not. At times, we can ask ourselves, do they see, feel or sense the intentions we had when we created our art pieces?

Can a loving expression inside an art piece be felt by its viewer? A skilled artist, can convey both a visual impact as well as a soulful message that touches its viewer. To me that is valuable art, that shares and makes the observer think, how that emotion or message touch them in their life…

One may call that ‘Deep Art’… those expressions, that makes the soul soar & makes the heart beat.  That which makes one want to create as well, and that makes the observer a bit more happy that day….

Is that not worth it?

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With deep artistic care and love, Eva Ariela