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May we all be Blessed with Happiness and Love

Eva Ariela

As we are approaching the Jewish New Year, Rosh Ha’Shana, I feel it’s a time to do some inner reflections and look back a bit. The last couple of months were very busy with travels, events, visiting art galleries and museums, and spending quality time with friends and family. Refreshing my own memory bank, and making a bit of an inventory of what I have been up to is good, except that sometimes when one in the wave of journeying, staying in the moment is the key! Therefor recalling all the experiences linearly is a bit futile….instead, I will share some of the key moments of the last months, and later my goals for the coming year.
This is a good time of the year when we should be looking at ourselves and the past year, our not so good behaviors, our good deeds and sources for inspiration. Looking back at this last year I’m leaving behind many big projects I have worked on for years, that were not always related to my art, so now I am creating intentions for sharing more of my paintings with the public and various venues. Glad to complete hard working-yet-fruitful years, and enter into the next chapter in my life, with an enthusiastic portion of positive energy. Also, there is a momentum that I’ve gathered out through the years, from various work related situations, places, happenings and people, that I hope now to integrate into a more channeled place of creativity.

Happy new year

During the summer I had the opportunity to travel around in Europe & Scandinavia, mainly Sweden, and in Skagen, Denmark. Where I experienced art that made me think of my studio space differently, and feel very inspired about the coming year. Witnessing many of the old classic Swedish artworks, by Carl Larsson, Ernst Josephson, Zorn etc., from the past 1900, actually catapulted me into the future, envisioning myself sitting and painting more in nature or in a peaceful little “stuga” (Cottage in Swedish) as well.  Other inspiring moments, I experienced were when we had the 5th Dimensional Happenings and seeing again how music, my art and movement made people happy and fulfilled, playful and content.

It was nice to be back in Sweden, the country I was born in, and enjoying the lush landscape and abundant water sources. My heart and soul always belongs to my Jewish roots and special feeling of the Holy Land, such as Israel, yet I also have a part of me that is a bit Nordic. It was pretty amazing to discover a few years ago, that I have many, many priests in my family lineage from my Swedish Father’s side. And then on the other hand, my Mother’s maternal side have a few generations descending from Rabbi Akiva Eiger. So what does that make me?

Other great moments were when we visited ‘Slottet’ in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Palace and Drottningholm. My Swedish cousine whom is a genunine Swede, likes to walk around with me with a “kippa” (Yamaka), I gave him years ago, to honor me and Judaism. So when we were in the Slottet (The Swedish Royal Palace), he definitely stood out as the only tall blond with a Kippa.

The Kingly and Queenly sights, to say the least, made me tap into my own regal feeling as well as as being able to breath fresh air in the outdoor Royal Gardens was great. Another wonderful and inspirational place was Prince Eugene’s Museum, he really lived a truly artistic yet Royal life. He used to invite many of his time-period fellow artist friends, to exhibit at his home while hosting big feasts. The out door gardens are filled with playful sculptures and serious pieces like Rodin’s work. All this overlooking the archipelago with the late summer evening light, over the skyline of Stockholm. The boats often sailing by made it look like the perfect Swedish idyllic life.

By completing this last year’s fullness of positive energy and renewed inspiration, I’m looking forward entering the New year (Jewish Calendar 5776) with an extra “umph” & empowerment. A year of sharing more of the 5th Dimensional Happenings, as well as making people more aware of my ART profile on Etsy, where old and new customer are able to purchase my artwork. In the future, much time will also be spent on planning exhibitions and playful Happenings, in where I hope to see all of you.

With that being said, I wish you all, friends from near and far, a wonderful end of this Jewish year, and may we all enter the next year in a good spirit, and may we all experience a year full of Holy happiness and love. And for those who celebrate the New Year in January, send you wishes for a lovely autumn to come. Blessings, Eva Ariela