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My Art Becomes People’s Playground

different story inside 5th dimension

Fifth dimensional art…what is that all about? What makes it different, from other kinds of artwork provided by artists? This is what today’s blog post will be about, and what makes it a different experience than a normal oil painting hanging peacefully on a wall? If you so will, you are welcome to enter into another form of perception and into a world similar to such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’….in where reality is different and the players take a different form…in hope to provide our precious world with beautiful magical art.

A short description of what 5th dimensional art is; would simply be – a special energetic realm, involving a variety of movements, spiraling symbols and dynamic forms that either are being displayed on a canvas, or projected as a multi media show. The longer version; why I choose to work with the 5th dimension is described below and why I decided to share it collectively and not only to show it as a sole art form, and something the community & the viewers can enjoy more than only visually….

wise goat inside 5th Dimension

Projecting my art in a dynamic and interactive way, together with a soft instructional guidance, accompanied by music – automatically transfers people from the physical world we live in, into the 5th dimensional realm. The participants become part of the canvas, and enter a spiritual world. This other world can be described as a dream-scape existence, far away from our stressful daily lives, far from our “human obligations”. A purely joyous feeling, where the paintings, music and movements brings us to a lighter and more uplifting sensory existence – closer to our inner feelings.

Developed over time, this “human yet childlike expression”, became a need within me to share with the world,  which started back in 1990, when I studied at the Energy Art School in Berkeley, with the wonderful inspiration of my Italian teacher Ross Drago. This intimate disclosure of other worldly beings and landscapes from a cosmic dimension, became known to me through meditations and channeling. The newly arrived forms that landed spontaneously on my canvas, became the expression of the 5th Dimensional consciousness, which quickly started a unique relationship within me and what later on turned out to be one of my passions in life.

This cosmic art form has become a magical expression that I share at public events and at private gatherings. 5th dimensional Happenings, synthesize Art, Music and Dance – in a manner that brings light to a world that often battles with dark forces. It brings people together, in a loving and caring way, bringing important elements together into a one size fits all “solution”. All ages, all faiths and all walks of life are welcomed!

People are invited to arrive in white clothes where the colorful projected oil paintings engulf people inside a visual space, making the art reflect upon their bodies. Basically shifting my art to become people’s playground, making the participants like moving art pieces. The multi-media visual ‘land-scape’ brings out the spiraling energy and dynamic forms of the art into a ‘dream-scape’;  making our 3rd dimensional reality into the 5th Dimensional experience. The colors & joyous music makes people uplifted, and it’s a perfect way to both move and relax in a beautiful setting.

A “must feel” – for anyone seeking pure freedom and pleasure. Join us in these adventures; stay updated for future 5th Dimensional Happenings with me, Eva Ariela – founder of 5th dimensional art…a ticket to pure pleasure.

For More info about the art, please visit my website.

Love, Eva Ariela