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My Innocent Tulip Painting

Tulip Gateway

Sharing my art with the world is a known exposure and on another level, a sensitive matter… That is what we artists do, cast our inner world out there on the arena of observation, yet for some of us, it can be an intimate matter. 

I like to share with you how my paintings were birthed over the years, created by my hands, yet manifested conceptually. On one side, the 5th Dimensional artwork and on the other side, my wide range of Tulip paintings – that can be described as my inner & outer Tulip work.

Tulip Expansion
Tulip Expansion

I assume landscape art or portrait sketching is a way to show our existence as a beautified place, by realistic images of the world we’re living in. Yet, it may not exposure the delicate nature of an artist’s soul. Some artists can be described as “mainstream”, creating popular art for the viewer, but for some artists disclosing their painstaking purity behind each brush stroke, is an exposure.

As for me, expressing creativity comes from two uncommon places, not better, nor worse in any kind of way, just different. One is from a cosmic dimension and the other one comes from the ‘Tulip kingdom’. Thanks to my love for the Tulip flower & fifth dimensional existence, I strive for something more personal, more stark, yet gentle. I love when the combination of these two extremes come together on my canvas; the far reaches of our universe blend with the cellular life of an organic form. That to me is a deeper sharing of the human inner soul inside our perplexing world.

Even though it may be a sensitive matter to displays one’s precious art to the public… it’s not exactly, like spilling one’s gut out, like Edvard Munch or Van Gogh did. Their art came straight from their own deepest soul and inner truth. Still, I feel I am opening my inner heart on the canvas! My art often shows my own desire for an innocent and loving world, that does not exist so much in a jaded and stress based world. It can be seen as Naïve art and sometimes other-worldly or utopian. I guess I am not that ‘regular’ artist, (if one can say there is a regular kind of artist), as I feel I come from a childlike perspective of life yet on the other hand I paint universal symbolism and other worldly landscapes…So what kind of artist am I then? I guess a tender artist that feels it’s been around the block!

Abstract art is the artist’s way to share with the world a personal viewpoint as well as one’s inner rich chambers. The art I do is varied…from architectural drawings during my architectural BA studies, to figurative drawings during art classes, to illustration courses at academies, to abstract drawing at various extra curriculum classes, and lastly, work at the Energy Art School in Berkeley. After that last formal educational station in my art schooling, I discovered the 5th dimensional art, which I have written about before and is still journeying with me in my life and in events. This ‘5th dimension’ yearns to escape our 3rd dimensional intense reality; only wanting to feel fanciful fantasies. As it matured, it became my signature and one of many passions in life. That is why I am now busy inviting you all to partake in this fun fantasy … enjoying sharing it with all walks of life.

Even though I have worked with this creative dimension for 25 years, I still discover other art forms within me, all the time. Especially, while I was originating the Tulip Healing method, in California, I became a Tulip O’holic! Consequently, I wrote a 300-page book about Tulips; sharing about it’s History, Botany, Kabbalah parallels, Symbolism and my Healing system that developed over the years from 1999 to 2004. TULIP LOVE.

During that time period and beyond, I recorded many exercises that came through me as a channeling fountain, accompanied with numerous Tulips motif drawings & oil paintings. It just poured out of me like an uncontrolled river needing an outline in a society that does not embrace innocence and flowery tenderness. The challenge was how to convey it to the world, and luckily I was graced to host many events at the Tulip Temple and other places worldwide, plus at my book talks.

These representatives from the natural realm became my next life passion, after the 5th dimension. I have hundreds of sketches, paintings and drawings all involving all kinds of Tulips from the plant kingdom and other themes.

Many of the Tulip motifs became also descriptive tools to show people the concept of the TULIP LOVE healing work and method. Today I have them also in posters (Please see the TULIP GATEWAY poster as the featured image) which I sell on ETSY . Where you also can find other of my artworks and hand painted crafts.

I am so thankful to all who journeyed with me over the years and visited the Tulip sanctuaries…may we all blossom in beauty and bloom with love.

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela