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New Beginnings

Just after Tu B’shvat, the New Year Celebration of the Trees, I left the the Holy City Jerusalem for a sabbatical. The Tulip Center will be back later in the year. I plan to travel and see where else to host and share my Tulip Love work in Europe and USA. It’s been sometime since I have been back in California, where we had Tulip events on a regular basis at the Tulip Temple. I look forward to reconnect with all the lovely Tulipers in the Bay Area.

Beyond the regular planning and scheduling events, I am curious to know how the path will pan out, as I also know it’s all up to Divine intervention and G’d’s will. Yes I am also the navigator, however, I will be in the passenger seat and G’d our Creator will be the main driver, as that is how I believe we live our lives, and so has it been in my life… for good or bad. With deep faith that our Creator wants the best for us, so does the path unfold for the best outcome, even if at times it may seam uncertain. If we carefully listen and see the signs along the road, unpredictability can become more certain.

And since I am an artist, life can be a bit like a series of paintings. To allow for divine providence to step into the canvas of life, is not always easy as one may not have a clue what the narrative will be. Still there is a calming element, knowing we are also the manifestors of our own lives ~ so hand in hand with Divine providence, travels can be successful, even if adventurous. The main question often remains, how can I create a balance between my will and the bigger divine plan?

The featured image is of me being on top of Mount Tamalpais in Marin county in California years ago, when I visited the look out station with my friend. We were enjoying the lovely scene over the Golden Gate bridge & San Francisco, when the fireman came out of his look-out hide away and asked me why I wear Tulips on my head. Not a bad question, given the fact that hardly no body else goes around with this kind of head gear (unless you are visiting the Tulip Center). I was apparently an odd scene there among all the regular tourists, and later he said he does not often talk to the tourists. We began to chat and he said he was studying Torah inside the panoramic booth, panned out for a 360 degrees breath taking view of the Bay Area. Few years later he moved to Israel, small world indeed. So this image feels right to add to this blog, as I am off to start a journey again. The image fills me with the yearning to explore and see the world again, just like it’s displayed underneath me, to enter into again and re-visit.

flying man

New Beginnings

I will start my travels in Sweden, then Holland and USA, we shall see if time permits I will continue onwards… so many things to see and how will the canvas be painted?

What colors, what figurative? what themes? what will I call the new series of artwork?

All I know the canvas is now white, like a true tabula rasa (the Latin expression of nothing-ness).

What galleries and artist will I meet up with? In curious inquiry, pondering where will existence point me to? Just like the art piece below; the little girl in one of my oil paintings points to an unknown landscape. She her self is inside the 5th Dimension and she is pointing towards an unknown path, that leads to adventurous trails inside another playful dimension.

I guess I will follow it’s path and see where it leads me to this time…

redhead pointing









If you like to see more of my 5th Dimensional Happenings, please visit my media page, or if you like any Kabbalah posters, you are welcome to enter into my Etsy account.

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Many blessings and love, Eva Ariela