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New Moon starts the month of the Trees

Around this time of the year, I always feel the itch to grow a bit taller, as the new leaves are about to arrive, the flowers are eager to meet the sun light in a few weeks. The bulbs who hold a dormant space inside Mother Earth, keep a silent vigil of secret allure, trying to surprise us each year a new, with their transformed flowery appearance. But we all know they will show up, and they are curious to display their soon to be celebratory ‘petally-self’ to the world ~ and I am still waiting, every spring a new.
TT blooms 2006_SMWe will have a New Moon event coming up at the Tulip Center, for the month of Shvat, the time we honor and celebrate G’ds gifts of the Trees ~ Tu B’Shvat. What would we do without the Blossoms and the multiple fruits our Creator gave us? What would our world look like without them and the flowers, decorating our Mother Earth with beauty as well as supplying us with essentials for our bodies and soul. No wonder I am crazy about Tulips and the Flower kingdom with it’s delicious delights.

So in the upcoming times, when the New Moon will ignite the month of the Trees, I like to be filled up with intentions (Kavannot) for my own renewed blossom and being-hood, just like the trees own inner & outer growth. Also there is a special Astrological period now a days, in where all planets are going direct, and this forward movement will, hopefully push us into an onward direction.

In mid January 2010 we had the first Tulip Love workshop at the Tulip Center in Jerusalem, after I rounded up a decade of activities at the Tulip Temple in California the same year, (TT operated between the years 1999-2010). This year – 2017 – I am planning for a bit of a different course, allowing for more traveling,  since its 7 years since I began my activities in the Holy City, and now feel like I want to explore new places and go to all kinds of interesting Art Museums and see how other artists work world wide.

Tulip Blooms BldgOf course, I plan to keep giving TLC workshops and book talks overseas as well as 5th Dimensional Art Happenings  in Europe and USA, yet look forward to host events again after my arrival back to the Holy Land.

You are welcome to visit this page Tulips blooms, showing how we planted Tulips yearly at the Tulip sanctuary in California.

As a completion of this 7 year cycle, we will have a Rosh Chodesh SHVAT event, 29 January, 8 pm followed by music and refreshments. It’s also the same date in where I made Aliyah to Israel.

Tulip in Talbiye ~ New Moon Celebration of the month of Trees.
Rosh Chodesh SHVAT evening, 29 January, 8pm

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Tulip Love Guided Meditation, Prayers for a Peaceful Jerusalem, Women from the Women’s circle sharing blessings. Since we are entering a month of celebrating the blessings of our Creator’s Gift, namely all the TREES, on TU B’SHVAT, we will focus on how to plant seeds of growth within our selves and in our environments. Alona Jasik will share with us how “Nourish your roots”. Followed by refreshments. For both Men and Women, Children and all walks of life. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach music by Itzchak Even Shays, Glenn Rubel, and more…

For more info about my ART, you can also visit my shop on Etsy.

Many blessings and with endless Tulip Love, Eva Ariela