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On route to the land of Tulips

As an avid Tulip Lover and the Author of the book Tulip Love, I am returning to the Netherlands to give two book talks and for a few meetings about my work and art. I love that Northern European country as it has more Tulips planted per square meter then any other nation in our world. So it’s only normal that I am happy to return, basically feeling more then exited being on route to the land of Tulips again… just like a little girl would be, entering into a magical Flower Kingdom (see image at end of blog “Red Girl in the fields’, oil on canvas).


Most people are so friendly and helpful, showing tolerance and kindness, and according to my own natural sense of ‘Tulip quality inclination’ I like to attribute this to the fact that Dutch people are of course influenced by the compassionate loving Tulip fields that surrounds most of it’s inhabitants, as well as their own national pleasant persona.

Not only is the Dutch nation, imbued by physical Tulips but also by the energetic field coming out of these delightful blossoms. This invisible radiation, is something I write about in my book, which is mostly unknown to many. I am convinced the flower has a way to tantalize and to energise us, with or without our knowing. The Tulipmania period is only one example how a nation was driven to madness, by the very sheer presence of the Tulips and their special bulbs in the 1630s.

You can listen here to my video explaining in a few words how the flower Tulip does not have a smell, yet knows how ‘to scent’ us in other ways. Usually, when I talk to people about my work, many often say “Yes, there is something special about the flower…”

eva-as-young-girlIt will great to share my work in both the ABC book store, Sept. 15 in The Hague and at the Joodse Community in Amstelveen, in Amsterdam, Sept 19.

In hope to see any of you friendly fellows, who may happen to be in Holland this coming week. If not, I hope we shall meet another time. And for you whom may be curious about the more in depth Tulip Love healing workshops, you can watch this video. 

Many blessings and with Tulip Love,

Eva Ariela