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Our Creator is the best Artist

It’s amazing how beautiful we were made, in the clay of our Creator.  Like an enormous potter, with a great hands & heart and with endless creativity…with such humbleness our Divine Source of all, he/she made us. We begin our lives fresh like delicious peaches and then ALL OF US wither gracefully away or not so gracefully sagging into nothingness. NO ONE escapes this faith… despite faith, race or age.  What a journey life is indeed. The main thing, do we learn anything from this beautiful yet seemingly short life?

Did we enjoy ourselves, love our selves and others enough? Did we give thanks to our lives as we grew in to teenagers? then when we became parents, we suddenly understood why our own parents had done this or that to us? did we appreciate the wrinkles that came with the wisdom? Did we see the mystery and glory in between the regular day to day? Did we say enough “I LOVE YOU”s?

Our potter, created us all cute small humans and sparkly alive… but then later we ALL begin to fade away and fall apart ,just like a beautiful flower does. The Tulips, after ravishingly exhibiting their beautiful petals, also begin to sag in a process of falling inwards, surrendering back into a place of letting go.

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Below you can read about the stages of Tulip Love Blooming with some parallels to our Human Existence.

Quotes taken from my book Tulip Love. 

TULIPS physical presence verses our own HUMAN behaviors

Proudly Erect  ~ Loving Oneself

Astute Tulip  ~ Exuding Regal-ness

Slouching ~ Self-doubt

Withering ~ Giving up on One Self

Sagging ~ Dying inside

Deformed or Broken ~ Succumbing to Victim-hood

No Significant Growth ~ Stuck in an early stage of  development

Rotten Bulb ~ Lacking loving support, lacking foundation

We, like the plants need:

The SunFire—Joy and Celebration

The RainWater—the emotional Juice of Life and Love

The ClayEarth—to be held physically, incubated into blossoming

The SpiritAir—connections to ourselves—Regal Tulip


With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela