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Our Creator’s little natural Juice packages

Celebrating the Trees and its Fruits.

One of the many beauties living in the land of milk and honey are the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter bring their own personality and different sets of holidays.

Since the winter is here, the next one on the list of Jewish holidays, is Tu B’shvat, starting Sunday night, January 24th. This particular celebration is quite inspirational source for my own artwork, as I love painting Tree of life images. This time of the year, gives us the opportunity to celebrate the creations of plants and trees, the fruitful-ness giving to us by G’d /Creator of everything. The ONE who is giving us LIFE, as well as, takes life away; provides us with bounty and the ability to create our own personal creations – in my case, the 5th dimensional art and other multi media art techniques. What’s your personal creation?

Cooking, sketching, dancing, singing, gardening or other delights? Everything in life is about creation, and we are all here for our own reason, in the right season. As for me, I found my reason a while back, the love of Flowers and my Art. If you have not yet – take time to sit in a cozy spot, and enjoy the inner reflective winter mood; sooner or later you may find out your passion. What is your next creative adventure, or dedication in life?

My Tulip art motifs and 5th Dimensional oil paintings that are being sold around the world, brings happiness to its owners. A visual window to a flowery existence or a window into another dreamy landscape. In hope my artwork brings messages to the viewers, delivering inspiration or inquiries of “what does this painting have to share…” In similar to when G’d created the fruits… “what did he think of…?”

For example, when our Creator created the citrus fruits, with all its components, he must have had an idea…”The clementine or mandarin, are a great examples of G’d’s thoughtfulness for us humans. As they are great natural juice packages, with its small liquid filled pockets of refreshing Vitamin C in it.  All we have to do is to gently pick them of the precious Trees and give thanks to our Creator for these free gifts. That is why we as a society should honor & revere our Mother Earth by not destroying her, so we & future generations can also keep enjoying the bountifulness of these magical gift-bearing Trees.

I am looking forward to Sunday night, when we’re changing from regular daily routine – to gathering around a community table sitting together to celebrate the Tu B’shvat seder… blessing all the amazing delicious dates, nuts, fruits and wine.

Stay also tuned to our Tu B’shvat event next week… in where we will try an experiment, by taking the Tulip bulbs bought in Holland and planting them later this winter, so they will bloom in the near Purim or Passover. Their bloom can vary from 2 to 3 months. We already planted a set in December at the Tulip Center, and they are to bloom within in a month.

In 2009, when I worked on the Sun Blessing/Birkat Ha’Chama Festival in Safed I was so busy planning and getting all the organizations ready for the Sun’s Birthday, I had no time to plant the Tulips like I do each year in November or December. So we had to do it in January. The miracle was that all the many dozens of Tulip bulbs bloomed exactly in the week of the Sun’s Birthday ~ 8 April, 2009. As I mention in my TULIP LOVE book, the Tulips have magical and intuitive components. ‘They know’ about timing and spreading beauty as well as sending out unseen & unconditional love. That is why in ancient mythology, Tulips means Perfect Love.

In hope to see you next week. Stay tuned to updates via my Facebook, where activities are being published. Meanwhile, I will enjoy these cold winter days, continuing the creativity spin of wonderful art. Making it all available for you to enjoy, from Etsy or directly from my website.

With Blossoming Love, Eva Ariela