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Painting on the Day of Rest?

On Shabbat (the day of rest in the Jewish tradition) we are not suppose to paint or draw, as on Shabbat the world is already in it’s complete form and everyone is wholesome on that day; joined with the higher divine realm of G’d and the Shechinah (the Feminine principle of G’d). So what does an artist who likes to keep shabbat, do about this? I guess it ‘creates’ a good time to be in dream time about one’s artwork, envision it and imagine new creations to come.

Another reason we are not to create on this Holy Day, is that life is then like a Tabula Rasa, an empty screen to receive from above. We are not to write then either… as that creates words (and words can create worlds according to the Kabbalah), so basically words and images are not to be born on a day when all is still and restful. So is true for letting nature rest as well, we are not suppose to pick flowers on Shabbat.

This is not a must, but highly advised, as loving suggestions in order to make our world a better and more united place to live in peacefully. Of course as written in the Halacha, this is not permitted, however there are other things that are more problematic if one performs on Shabbat, such as creating fire, as that is a deep place of creation. On some level the internal fire and our connection to the Divine or G’d, is a eternal flame within; you can see my featured image of that sense ‘In G’d’s Name I Flame”. That is how I feel, we are all connected to HaShem/G’d in an eternal state of burning presence ~ known or unknown to us.

Even though I often paint many Tulip motives, on Shabbat I am letting both these worlds rest (painting & planting) and like to free my mind, body and soul. My Mother loved writing poetry, but since she wanted to stay inside the ‘mitzwa mode’ she refrained from it, even if it was hard for her, as on Shabbat one often gets insights and good ideas. I feel at times the urge to draw or write then too, but know also that I am recharging my batteries each time I rest on Shabbat.

Still, is painting on the day of rest so bad? It could actually be meditative and calming…but I get the deeper meaning of taking a pause for the Universe to rest and to things to pause and develop within a quiet Holy space. To me it feels good to wait and hold the spark of creation within myself.

It’s also wonderful to let go off all the technical applications; not using computers or smartphones, it makes my mind and soul rest even more powerfully. I have a hard time understanding how people can go on everyday, 24 hour 7 days a week the same way, it gets so jaded. We all need to rest from technology and input. I hope the world will slow down and get it’s importance, regardless of faith or religion, we all need time for ‘Holy nothingness’.

Many blessings & Love, Eva Ariela