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Plant Kingdom

In my book Tulip Love I share many different aspects & the qualities of the Tulip flower; its History, Botany, Folklore, Symbolism and the actual healing qualities of this magical blossom. One of the things I share as well is how the Tulips can speak to you and so can other flowers, they have a secret and discrete language, and one has to really slow down to hear it. If one lower ones oscillation patterns, in order to calm our usual daily chatter we can begin to hear it.

Here you can read  a poem from the Tulip Love book, describing the volumes of sounds they emit, yet we cant hear them too well.

To us,
Tulips may appear silent in their glory, yet, inside their secret Kingdom, volumes of tender love are spoken. 

We, who rush,
we, who easily scorn,
we, who often like to dismiss … could use to slow down,

to silence our mind’s incessant chatter
and miraculously hear the divine whispering, that Tulips know how to do so well …

When we finally hear their exquisite calling
of otherworldly love … we gently melt inside, … and slowly expand into a big calming sigh.

… did you hear that tender touch of these two-lips?

Similar is the case with their scent, its so faint, that one has to approach the flowers smell in a different way then a regular flower. The Tulip has an internal magic resonance, that imbues its environment. If we stay open it can enhance our well being and a sense of healing can be felt. If one is not able to feel it at that moment,  at least the visual contact with this Regal Blossom, can produce a harmoniously delightful feeling.

Here you can see me ina more Regal attire, at the Tulip Center in Talbiye.

The Tulips are an important part of the Plant Kingdom and often like to welcome in guests to its garden, to bless them with its magic allure.

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