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Planting Trees is a true Act of Creation

Planting Trees is a true Act of Creation

Looking forward to celebrating Tu B’shvat by planting Fruit Trees in two different Schools in Northern Israel, Galilee, next week.

We will have the Mayor of Safed, Shuki Ohana, plant few more trees at the Mamlachti Beit School in Ramat Razim, Safed, this Tu B’shvat Sunday 9.10 am. Few years ago, we planted there, 13 Fruit trees 2019, representing the Tribes of Israel and Jakob’s sons and one daughter Dina.

The Miriam F. Lindberg Peace Foundation donated the trees and is interested in making sure these trees will be seen as the Union of All Tribes and for the children at the School to take care of G’ds beautiful nature. It was as a continuation of the vision manifested at the Birkat HaChama Festival in 2009. 

This year we are continuing the idea of planting 13 fruit trees for the unity of all tribes, including the female lineage, at the Beit Chinuch Glili School near Kibbutz Lavi. The Ceremony will be held 6 Feb. 2023.

with Tulip Love. Eva Ariela