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Playful New Moon energy coming in

shvat tulips

This week we are celebrating the New Moon; ‘Rosh Chodesh SHVAT’ (Hebrew month in the moon based calendar) ~ in where we are giving thanks to the Trees, for all the gifts they share with us humans, among other things. January is still mid winter but Shvat is a mystical time of new beginnings, and the anticipation of the spring with new blossoms to come. The trees are sleeping now, like the Tulip bulbs inside Mother Earth that we planted last month at the Tulip center. Still, we know that they will bloom and share with us there rich plentiful abundance; fruits and blossoms. It will be nice to see how everyone’s planted Tulip will come out as well.

100 TulipsTrees are not only G’d’s wonderful creations, yet they also remind us of the Tree of Life, which according to the Kabbalah is the foundation of all life. It’s 10 to 11 spheres/sefirot (depends if you add the sphere/sefira; Da’at), are landing stations, if you will, of G’d’s light upon our existence, and the building foundation to life upon earth. The Tree of Life was G’d’s way to transmit his overwhelming glory and slowly ‘trickle’ if down to us, via these oscillating spheres ~ like a gentle waterfall of love and light. All this was of course prior to our birth and the universal expansion. In my Kabbalah posters series, one image conveys this light descending to us at the receiving end, in where we can embrace it sitting on the throne ~ receiving G’d’s abundant love for us. This particular meditation you can experience at the Tulip Love workshops. Please see attached image (to view more Kabbalah Posters, please visit ETSY).


Since New Moons are always beginnings in the natural cycle and especially this month, a harbinger of inspiration and creativity, I hope we will begin or complete projects or/and other exciting dreams we have in life. A time to, on one hand, be at home; being self reflective, cozy inside a warm home with loved ones, yet feeling an anticipation for the coming spring and new adventures. Also, as we will approach the full moon, we will feel more energy being generated. This month we will celebrate the holiday of Tu B’Shvat, January 25th, so stay tuned to our Tulip Tu B’Shvat celebration as well as the Annual Regal Feast event, next month.

However, winter is upon us and having experienced a physical landscape of -13 degrees Celsius, in my birth country, was indeed challenging but also a lovely experience. Especially walking home after a Shabbat dinner at Stockholm Chabad, we walked in quite parks filled with white fields and big snow flakes falling on our coats & knitted hats. It’s a sweet feeling being outside yet warm and laughing about all kind of things. I said to one of my friends, “kids must love this time of year” and she said that unfortunately, children today are playing less in the snow, as we did as kids! I was surprised, but she mentioned that the smartphones and social media has taken over, and the new playground is called Cyberspace. I am bummed, as they are missing out on a lot of fun out in nature.

In any case, I am feeling excited about the new year 2016, as it opens up with the month of Trees and I have many art projects to complete as well as continue to put out my 5th Dimensional Happenings events. One to come in Stockholm in the spring, and a few in the Holy Land.

Hope you can join us in the adventures to come. Wish you a wonderful month filled with new dreams; in where you will be entering new playgrounds of FUN!

Many blessing to you, Eva Ariela

ראש חודש טוב