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Pointing towards Beauty

Beauty heals the soul, and we need it in this fractured world, that’s why Pointing towards Beauty’ helps us remember how incredible our world is, with its so many miracleous creations. Being artistic is like a collective gesture towards healing our selves.

We live under such difficult circumstance globally, with so much uncertainty and confusion, pain and distraction, and our souls are a bit whithered. Like Tulips at the end of their season. That is why I feel we need beauty and love, peace and harmony… like calming yet inspiring paintings on the walls, to rest our gaze at so we can feel a sense of secure well being and relaxation. One of the main tasks of Arts in our society is to share & enhance glory, to generate more love and staying creative.

To me true ART are displays of harmonious visuals,  not necessarily political statements or technical displays, as they may be at times beautiful but not the classic 2 dimensional pieces that simply brings beauty to our lives – like simple statements of contentment.

redhead pointing copy

Over the many years of being an artist, I have created both dynamic 5th Dimensional images‘, peaceful art pieces, decorated signs, oil paintings, whimsical illustrations… as I believe beauty heals our souls in many forms. Other expressions are also Tulip motif and Kabbalistic prints. You are welcome to visit my virtual gallery!

If you are interested in hosting an exiting evening of 5th Dimensional Happenings, you are welcome to contact me. You can also view here images from previous 5th Dimensional events.

The featured image is of me at my Solo Artshow in Stockholm, from the summer of 2016 and the oil painting depicts me as a small child pointing towards the 5th Dimension.

Many Blessings and together may we bring forth more and more Beauty!