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Portraits with Feelings

Portraits with Feelings, is my renewed artistic direction. Using older work and recreating new faces, is how my new art series is coming along; “Naked Faces“.

Autumn BluesThese are drafted or painted faces with emotions, faces with expressions, that are trying to make us see them. I like to think that these images are arriving from our collective consciousness, from living inside our human conditioning. Some of them are out spoken and some are not.  It’s like a non verbal dialoge between them and us. 3rd drawings, are basically flat surfaces with either black lines or color pencils, water colors… how can they transmit or elicit a feeling of any sort from a state of flat-ness?

That is when the Artist comes into the ‘picture’. We try to convey, transmit and deliver messages via material or other kinds of displays, via pictures, images that penetrate the mind and makes us think of why and how we live our lives.

Even though, I am able draw real life portraits, and have done so for many years, I now like to draw portraits from my own imagination, as well. Feels like there are a lot of characters in my creative kingdom that like its own expression on the paper or canvas. Some are similar in their facial features, but often they come out with another emotional component…What's Up

The colors of their hair, the color of the their eyes and clothes, all vary, yet they have a particular facial attitude, and some show a somewhat surprised look as if they are saying something about this life’s turbulence and unexpected turns. For example, why we are feeling certain feelings more then others, what may be our permanent out look on life and what experiences of life, sets a tune in our features.

It’s almost like when water erodes stone formations, over many years of evolution, so can emotions of a life time carve worrisome marks on our faces….some may exude joy from within and some older faces may show they did not succumb to life’s turbulences.

So all these I like to capture… in as many willing faces that like to land on my drafting table.

You are welcome to see my other art as well, and enjoy the faces in this blog.

With much love, Eva Ariela