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Re-visiting the land of Tulips

I landed in Amsterdam again and I can’t wait to see the Tulips growing every where…. We are for sure planning to visit the most popular fields of Tulips in the whole world ~ Kukenheuf.  As well as the known Gemeente Museum in Den Haag where I had a book talk at the capitals ABC bookstore. If you are in town, make sure to go in and ask for a copy of the Tulip Love book.  I am also scheduled for a visit at the DeRoos Bookstore and Cultural Center to plan for an event there in the future. My book is selling there as well.

I love Holland as I mention in my Tulip Love book, as it’s imbued with the magic of Tulips, therefor indeed bringing joy, beauty and love to its nation. I have traveled a lot in Europe and Holland/Netherlands is a unique country indeed, especially among the Northern European countries, as it holds a special welcoming atmosphere and people are most pleasant and jolly. The magic energy of the Tulips are tantalizing the whole country and its people.Tulip Grail post

So I am continuing my Sabbatical from my usual Tulip Center activities in Jerusalem, and have been on a traveling foot. Another chapter is unfolding and I am not sure how I will be the character in it; will I be the main actress in the coming future, or a side performer? Will I take time to do little of importance, like laying on a tropical beach and wait for any coconuts to fall down a palm tree and smash away ‘my over thinking’ head?

Will I keep making new contacts again for my Tulip Love book talks? One book talk is awaiting for me at the Book Passage bookstore this year in Sausalito in Marin, California.

Will I continue to do 5th Dimensional Happenings in different cities ? I love hosting these events, it makes people dance with such joy and its a great way to include folks inside my own art work; they literally enter into this magical 5th Dimensional Landscape.

Will I find even more interesting activities to do in this life long path of mine? Time will tell and I will share with you as my path broadens.

So far you can see the projects/styles I have created over the years,

  1. Kin of Kiva – Thesis work of a planned Spiritual Art Village.
  2. 5th Dimensional Art Happenings – Oil paintings & multi media event with music and dance.
  3. Tulip love– Individual and Community healing system.

For more info about the Tulip Grail art piece please visit this link. 

Much love and much beauty to you all, Eva Ariela