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Sacred Visions

Sacred Visions seam to come to me more at ease when i am in nature, inside G’d given beautiful places. I feel so lucky for having been able to travel to the other side of the planet from where I usually live… Hawaii.

I love Kuai and the Big Island, also known as Hawaii. Feeling I am in paradise on a constant basis ~ and at the same time I feel I am on the other side of the Biblical Paradise ~ the original Garden of Eden. A bit like the oil painting I painted of Adam & Eve. The Hawaiian islands are to me ‘the other worldly expression’ of the Holy Land’s Milk & Honey essence. If you believe in the Old Testament Genesis source, that region is the origins of the first man and woman upon our beloved earth. As I travel around in these far away Pacific islands, I sense a primordial existence of an ancient people, maybe just as the first people on earth. Here a gentle ALOHA-ness is felt indeed like an innocent untouched civilization.

Being embraced by oceans and beaches where ever I go on this earthbound beautiful Eden, I receive more visuals and ideas for upcoming art pieces: related to sacred spaces, holy temple images and how we convey our prayers. Holy Priest blessings images come to me in Sacred Visions, which I like to paint with oil on canvas ~ to solidify indeed these visual impressions.

On one level I don’t want to leave these lovely islands, yet I am looking forward to come back from my travels and resume my Kabbalah art pieces developed over the last years, which by the way, increased since I am celebrating Shabbat and living in Jerusalem. Visions of witnessing the Holy City, the Gate of Mercy, the old city Western Wall with a towering feeling of an energetic Sacred Holy Temple above it, patiently await inside my sketch book to finally land on my canvases.

I am posting images of my Kabbalah prints, created by envisioning different states of mind… for example the Tulip Grail, is about inhabiting the abundancSHIN_TULIPe in our lives within a blossoming consciousness.

Often during Shabbat, when the Shechinah imbues our presence, I get visions of certain ideas and then I sketch them down after the day of rest ends, awaiting for the right time to paint these images with care and depths.

In hope I will get to complete these images as they are still fresh in my mind, yet its always a challenge to bring forth your 3rd eyes perception on canvas or dry paper. It’s like trying to depict the most beautiful sunset in a painting… who can compete with G’d’s creations?

Again, Adam & Eve diptych painting is still for sale, for more info you can contact me.

I love the holy islands of Hawaii… After this lovely visit in the Garden of Eden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I will return to California where the Tulip Temple started and we will have a Tulip Love workshop 5 November, for you who are in the Bay Area.

With Tulip Love and Aloha Shaloa, Eva Ariela

Tulip Grail