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Simplicity & Beauty helps in times of global turmoil

In lure of all the craziness, fear and uncertainty that occurs in our world lately, it feels really good to enjoy the simply things in life and being thankful for what we do have. Sharing acts of beauty, enjoying nature and water. Simple elements can be comforting, and help us to find ways of transforming hardship to abundance.

After Succot, we shifted in our daily prayers to praise G’d by inserting: mashiv haruach u’morid hageshem. We ask our Creator of the Universe, to bless us with water filled skies, and for the rainy season to start. The very day after, the rain began to fall, great timing! With great appreciation to our King of the Universe – he really answered our prayers and provided us with a decent amount of rain so far. And hopefully for the next few months, much more to come. Still, there is so much to be grateful for.

Feelings of plenitude and a sense of cozy existence, brings me back to sweet memories of summers, when the gentle rain drops made me want to put rain booths on, and go and play in the puddles. That always made me and my sister happy. As a child, born and raised in Sweden we used to visit my grandparents in the beautiful part of Sweden, called Dalarna. Running around in their garden was the best thing to do, no matter what the weather was. I loved being surrounded by flowers, bees, plants, trees, blueberry fields and picking natural strawberries ~ simply enjoying life. I guess this was, my foundation for the love of flowers I have, the need for constant beauty around me, my involvement with art and love – and painting tulips motives, in various sizes, colors and different shapes.

eva dalarna

My childhood, my relationship to my grandparents, my Jewish roots, I think all contributed to – my love for Tulips. This early dialogue with a divine blossom, and seeing the special qualities it holds, as well as silent power, guided me to learn how this flower Tulip could ‘aid us human beings’’. Years later, when I studied Kabbalah I found further parallels to the Tulip symbolism and the Tree of Life. The very early foundation of these experiences, toppled with a rich educational background, inspired me to later in life open the Tulip Temple in California and consequently, the Tulip Center in Jerusalem.


These sanctuaries of kindness, unconditional giving and healing are comforting for the soul and tulip lovers alike, like myself. I’m spreading this specialized interest in a very specific area of the plant kingdom and human psyche. This particular perspective of “Tender Love & Blossoming” is not always understood, as this wonderful and powerful flower, ‘wants to share’ with the world it’s ability to heal and unite people. Tulips are also a symbol of Perfect Love and Protection, in ancient mythology.

There is one art piece Thrones in Tulip, I created at the Tulip Temple in Woodacre, California, which I love very much. It especially shows the presence of the Regal meditation; thrones inside a Tulip holding this concept alive…how we can all blossom and shine like Kings and Queens ‘sitting inside’ our own being~hood. The flower Tulip holds an empty space inside it ~ to hold us in our gentle power. The delicate nature of the flower shows us to listen to our vulnerabilities yet be strong and compassionate rulers of our own lives. With soft strength can be move forward and trust the love is our protection.

And for all of you that would like to know more about Jerusalem Tulip Center, please, be my guest and join us for our future activities. The next event will be a Peace Gathering & Tulip Love Meditation, on 11.11. 2015 and 5th Dimensional Art Happening & Dancing on 12.12.2015. You are welcome to sign up to my news letter email list as well…

Thank you for being you, with Tulip Love, Eva Ariela