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Sitting down in front an empty canvas & finding the 5th Dimension!

Eva Ariela dancing with dancers infront of her 5th Dimensional Art multi media style

As long as I can remember, I’ve been into different Arts, Handicrafts and alternative Healing techniques – mainly through the wonderful and beautiful flower Tulip, as well as the Judaism based mysterious Kabbalah. Three very different “activities” that I hope all, can bring more brightness, happiness and love into our world – to summarize my jest for life, dance, creativity & the greater mystery are the corner stones to joy in community.

Flamenco Dancer Micaela Harrari dancing with the 5th Dimensional projection, 2015

Thanks to G’ds greatness and ability to craft every individual with different sets of skills; he gave me, and many others, the great gift of creating art. More so, I got the skills to create a very special and unusual kind of artwork – what I call 5th dimensional art. I was fortunate to find my teacher Ross Drago, in Berkeley California, during the days I was married to an American and studied Drama Therapy & Psychology. In addition to the academic studies, I felt I needed also an outlet for my hands to do something creative, beyond understanding the human mind cognitively.

So during my first class with this special Italian teacher, Ross Drago at his Energy Art School, I was invited to sit down in front an empty canvas for hours. He left me alone after sharing his ideas of how we all possess a universe of creative force within our own self that needs an outlet. I sat and I sat….and soon enough, insights and inspiration started to bubble up. Later on, I was guided to take gesso, the underlining material added before the oil paint comes on, and put it on the canvas. This material was to be the foundation for the manifestation of the 5th Dimension…which was about to land on my canvas.

Layers of gesso was not to be put on as a simply coat, nor randomly, it was to be put on with care and thought, still with energy and gesture. To really feel the material meeting the canvas and to make it thicker at certain places, so it could be imprinted inside the oil painting. So when I added the colors this foundation would receive a welcomed new creation. I was encouraged to further find my own style and that is how my 5th Dimensional art style was born.

Community Dancing, Teatron Tmuna, Jerusalem 2014

The channeled ‘5th dimensional landscape’ that just poured about of me, I am convinced originated from the abstract elements that G’d, our creator provided me with, while looking deep into my own soul and body. That was a period in life, when I spent a lot of time getting to know myself through studies, therapies & in depth workshops. I am ever so thankful to my wonderful teacher Ross Drago.

Since then I have exhibited 5th Dimensional oil paintings in other countries as well had the pleasure to host many 5th Dimensional Happenings ~ a visual delight, in where the oil paintings are projected into space accompanied with music. Visitors are invited to come in white clothes & move inside a colorful projection. This multi-media visual and ‘other wordly land-scape’ brings out the spiraling energy and dynamic forms of the art into a ‘dream-scape’; making our 3rd dimensional reality into the 5th Dimensional experience. I often notice how the vibrant and dynamic colors & joyous music makes people uplifted ~ a perfect way to both move and relax in a beautiful setting.

From being an invisible and very personal art type, things developed and it became more public and some more commercial: worldwide exhibitions – from Europe to the USA. International sales online, thanks to, where some of my different creations are being promoted and sold. A weekly, and popular blog – partly thanks to You. So as you can see, the gift given to me from the creator of the world, is way more than just a “gift”. It’s my life! My passion, my hobby, my income – and my source for inner relaxation.

Multi Media Happening ~ 5th Dimensional Artwork projected in space: Music, Dance and creativity. For More info about the art, click here.

Many blessings and much love, Eva Ariela