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Spreading the Light in our World

Spreading the Light

Few days have passed since we finished celebrating the brightest of all Jewish holidays, Chanukah. For eights days we were spreading more and more light to our fellow friends and loved ones, lighting our Menorah (Chanukiah) in our homes, to show G’d, our creator that we are harbingers of light… bringing down his and the light of the Shechinah to ourselves and to our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world.

As I parted with the Menorah/Chanukiah on the 8th day, it was a bitter sweet feeling, leaving the Festival of Light behind us, knowing the candles will not be burning till next year. Still, we must make sure that our inner candles remain lit, with the ability to share our fire with others. This years 8th day coincided with Lucia in Sweden, in where the custom is to actually wear burning live candles on ones head. I like to reseach the origin of this tradition, as it may be a bit like lightening up our crown chakra?
Tulip Expansions - part of the Regal Tulip seriesSoon the rest of the world will enter Christmas… so I suggest we pass the torch in the ‘marathon of spreading the light in our world’ from the afterglow of the Chanukah candles onto the light of the next year 2016 & Holiday gatherings. This time is obviously perceived as the ideal time to bask in each others presence while the light flickers around in its brightest forms. A sense of deeper love and happiness, being together with beloved ones… even though for some this is a hard season; either confronting the in-laws or being alone. Still its so important to be together.

This December light actually spreads joy across international borders & religions; in hope no terrorism or political moves can stop this collective momentum. Knowing that the Chanukah candle we lit last week, was passed on to our neighbors, as this Holiday was born out of miracles, to spread that energy. I also pray that this light will last out through the coming year,  overcoming any dark forces… expect seeing satisfaction on people’s faces reaching new heights.

In a few days, I will leave the cold weather here in Jerusalem, for even cooler and darker weather in Sweden, where I’m going to spend more time. During the darkest time of the year, its important to step above oneself and share warm fuzzy glow and positive spirit. My soul feels filled up after such joyous celebrations and in the last days, I have been listening to the enchanted songs of Tikkun HaKlali. These ten psalms were originally chosen by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov from the book of King David’s Psalms. One of our biggest Kabbalistic Rabbis, spreading love and happiness to everyone for a general remedy of our world. May he always be remembered. Filling us up with uplifting strength, in unseen fashion all over the world.

Let’s bring out our own personal light & inner glow with one another… Passing it on to our fellow friends, neighbors and family. By doing so, we’re making sure for ourselves and our children to live a better life, ensuring also a brighter future for a holier world.

Love, Eva Ariela