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Taking care of Mother Earth via Art

Taking care of Mother Earth via Art, is another way of keeping her spirit alive and well.  May we all find the peace and tranquility that Mother Earth bestows on us, and if we only listened to her. She is so graciously giving us endless amounts of nutrients and nurturing via her nature!!

Here is one my Mother Earth oil paintings…. ADAM & EVE,  a big diptych that I created in California and it shows how the beloved Biblical couple Eve & Adam, meet high above their Garden of Eden.  May we Humans learn how to revere and love our Beloved Mother Earth, and show more gratitude for all her fruits and vegetations, she so abundantly gives us. The features Art image (please click to enlarge) is called the Cosmic Garden, also an expression of a bounty filled scene from a lush spiritual Mother Earth, and comes from my 5th Dimensional Art style.

Adam in the GardenEve in the Garden

How do we now restore Gaia to be a safe haven environmentally so we can again come back to Garden of Eden. We must educate the future children to do all they can to restore the balance.

To view more of my other oil paintings you are welcome to check out the Gallery. I also do costume made art pieces, sharing peoples own unique Life Stories. If you like to order one, please contact me at

I have gotten an assignment to paint an oil painting for the Voice of Gaia website in where Musicians work and the Artist work merge together. Even if its a global project I found few artist and musicians friends there as well from California, we are a small village after all. Looking forward to making it, inspired by her beauty and to create it in nature.

May we bloom into her beauty more and more. As some of you know I am also the author of the Tulip Love book, in where I talk about the parallel of this blossom and our human ways. A healing style that can be adopted in many communities, to love and cherish one another more.

Many blessings and with much Tulip Love, Eva Ariela