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Eva Ariela is an Artist & the Originator of the ~ 5th Dimensional Artwork

International, Fine Arts Painter, Healer, Art Teacher and multi-media Performing Artist, who enjoys sharing her diverse knowledge of the Arts and Healing. Through a unique expression in various artistic mediums, alternative healing modalities with adults and children, she facilitates change in self awareness, holistic well being and inner growth. As an graduate of BA in Environmental Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem, she also studied her Masters in Psychology and Humanities, at CIIS and New College in the Bay Area. A combined education of both arts & healing makes Eva Ariela’s artwork tuned into the human psyche and beauty of life’s cycles and experiences.


Including Multidimensional Art Performances; Who’s Who in International Art, Exhibits in San Francisco, Stockholm, Malmo, Zurich, Paris, Geneve, Tel Aviv and more… To view Eva’s exhibition history and her SOLO & GROUP SHOWS, please visit RESUME PAGE.

5th DIMENSIONAL ARTWORK, 1990 to present

The 5th Dimensional Artwork style was developed by Eva Ariela Lindberg in 1990, born out of an awareness of how vibrant colors and the oil medium convey a certain vibration of energy consciousness and symbolic movement. Its language serves to enhance a sharper vision and “seeing” beyond the canvas. The symbols become an integral component of the paintings, as we are reminded of the fluid, sacred, geometric forms of the universal life forces embedded in our consciousness, as well as in nature. Thus, the paintings are created in a manner where the images become gateways into another world of interpretation.


Images from different Happenings: EVENTS GALLERY

A Peak into Another Dimension

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