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The Art of Blooming

What is the Art of Blooming? What makes me bloom and thrive in the light of shining power? The flowers know so well to be adorned by G’d’s sunlight and elements, yet do we know how to blossom to unimaginable heights of glory? Do we trust in our own beauty? Do I know to hold that light G’d bestowed on me, like all of us, being gifted by Creation’s deep love for us?

May I delve deeper into finding that light in me as I venture into a new path in my life, this coming year, and paint new oil paintings.

This year, I have decided to take time away from my usual routine and work. Because of the luxury of taking a sabbatical period it will begin by me experiencing two sorts of different springs. I saw wild Tulips bloom in Israel and now I am about to see flowers bloom in Sweden. The only strange part of this transition is that I feel I am going back in time. I already saw the flowers show their beauty and now I experience snow and a landscape still pale and tired of the weight of dark nights. Still it’s a delight to have the seasons repeat themselves.

In the hills of Jerusalem and near Zichron Yaakov, we hiked and encountered many different blossoms and lovely wild flowers. Then a heat wave began to surround the Holy Land, to a point of 40 degrees as I left for Stockholm, for a zero degree existence. Here, I was greeted with huge snow flakes falling diagonally down on my cheeks, so of course, I wondered what is best… cold minus weather or Sahara desert winds?

IMG-20170325-WA0001 IMG-20170329-WA0023As the snow flakes fell down in big chunks from the sky, I began to think of the Manna that came down to the Israelites in Sinai, during the times of Moses.

Maybe snow flakes are historical remnants from that time when abundance came floating down to earthlings. There is definitely something very peaceful with snow when is stays on the ground and on the trees, making us happy and also making the day lighter and more bearable in dark climates.

As we are awaiting the Swedish wild blooms, and more cultivated flowers at Ytter Järna’s Center south of Stockholm, I am going through a series of Art pieces that I have been wanting to draw for some time now. On a parallel note, it’s sort of a creative art form to witness the ‘Art of Blooming’ in nature, and also being manifested in our flower beds and planters. What would our world look like without these delightful adornments?

I love watching the different petal arrangements of each flower. Some have distinct and frequent equal numbers, some are arranged according to the Fibonacci series. Some have 3 petals like Lilies, some have 5 petals like Buttercups and Roses have a multiple petal existence. Tulips are not part of the known golden ratio series, such as, 3, 5, 8 , 13, 21, 34, 55, and so on. They mostly have 6 petals, and like I mention in the my Tulip Love book, it’s more reminiscent of the Star of David formation.

Among the non-wild Tulips, I did buy commercial ones for my family and you can see that one blossom (see featured image) had three Tulips grew out of one stem. Very unusual! Two main blooms and a small baby one in between the petals. Lovely trio.

I can’t wait to begin and draw, to set up a table and begin my own fruition on paper and canvas. Meanwhile, stay tuned for images of the Spring Blooms in Sweden in my next blog. Blessings and Love and never forget ~ You are a lovely flower Your Self.

with Tulip Love, Eva Ariela