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The Art of Engagement

Dear friends, this time my blog will be more of a personal one… I usually write about my art work in these blogs, even though, in a sense all our lives are a work of art. So now when I am joining forces with my fiance Yosef Yitzchak, my world of Art is also becoming a world of HeArt. Another interesting play of words, is that the initials of my name are EA ~ hEArt (in the Center) & EArth (and here its in the beginning), I love Mother Earth as well as well as my Beloved and my Community, as some of you know my work in the Tulip healing.

We got engaged last month and we have been celebrating few times already, the first time for a special L’Chayim in Safed, by our friends Yehudit and Reuven Goldfarb, at their Tree of Life home in the Artist Quarter. So wonderful, with the musician Shalom Lebowitz playing lovely music.

Then we had a special Engagement party with my family and Yosef Yitzchak friends from Jerusalem. Sharing here some images for the Joy of the occasions. May we be able to share more Joyous moments with you ….

Happy Holidays, Blessings, Eva Ariela