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The best tool we have, are our HANDS

rodin's hand 1This week I visited the Israel Museum, in Jerusalem, partaking in it’s Bi-Annual Open House event. Beyond seeing the current exiting show of Pharoah in the Holy Land/Canaan”,  it was wonderful to see all the impressionist again and old classic sculptures. Rodin never fails to amaze me, and I stopped at one of his work, studying the way he sculpts ‘hands’. What a treat to the eye, such an artistic delight of creation. The best tool we have, are our hands and I guess an artist gets more use out of them. A sculptor may feel a bit like a small god as he can create a human form in material. Of course he can’t do so in flesh as that only G’d can.

We are still not able to create cells, or heal cuts and wounds, only our bodies know how to heal us, which is amazing. And we may never be able to,  as the human body is such a deep mystery. None of us are really any true healer, but G’d. Even though I call my self a ‘Healer’ as I am a Reiki Master and invented the Tulip Love healing system, I can actually not call myself the ultimate healer as that is up to an individual or a group to find that ~ piece of peace ~ straight to the Divine or G’d, in order to heal him or herself.

All I can do as a human being, is to be a conscious facilitator and supporter of change and growth in another human being or in groups, by providing loving kindness and encouraging suggestions for healing. The step towards true change comes from within us, yet we do need support and compassion in order to trust to shift into new realms within us. So that is what I hope to help with.

TulipTree_smWhen I was born, my Mother told me I looked up at her while attaching my hands close to my face, and she called me “Anden och Handen“, which means in Swedish “the Soul and the Hand“. She was right in a way, as I need my hands both for being an ‘Healer’ as well as an Artist. So thank you dear sweet Mother of mine, that you saw whom I was for the first seconds of my life, before I even knew myself (of course) what I would become.

The combination of both these sides has followed me out through my life and complimenting my work enormously. For example, when I began to create the Tulip Love Healing work, I used my art as a tool to bring it forth. Later on, I depicted Tree of Life images to share the Tulip Love guided meditations, so it be easier for people to understand the process of accessing one’s power centers and inner spheres. My oil painting series of “Kings & Queens and Inner Tulip Child” were featured in a Paris exhibition, so there my worlds of Archetypal healing and the art world met really weThrones in Tulip_smll.

One favorite image I created at the Tulip Temple in Marin county, California, is the ‘Thrones in Tulip‘. It’s a good example of when we meditate or own our sense of Regal worth by sitting inside a throne; that is a time when we come home to our own well being and sense of self. Being inside a blossom aids symbolizes being held by existence and by a loving and tender force.

Today, I continue to bridge these world, still using my hands, which I am very thankful for. Writing this blog is aided by my dexterities and so forth… we are so dependent on our hands in all day to day activities that we should have a special prayer of thanks to our beloved hands.

May you find Joy in life with all of your being, your entire body and with special gratitude to your hands.

Many blessings and much love, Eva Ariela