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The Gifts of Art

Art keeps Life Alive, Music keeps us fluid and happy, while Dance makes us move and shake! These added Gifts of Life are indeed precious affirmations of what makes us more flowing and joyous. Art & Playfulness is not a luxury it’s a necessity!

All kinds of Art modalities and creative endeavour, makes our soul happy and our eyes ‘Bathe in Beauty‘. It’s almost like our Creator made all these lovely gifts for us to enjoy all our senses and to fulfill our mental and emotional states with delight, as our Creator could have lead us through a life in where we only endured practicality and physical survival.

We could have been, G’d forbid, without any of these creative necessities yet how dull would our world be! Do we give enough thanks for these amazingly beautiful gifts we were given? Life without them would be like living in nature without hearing birds chirping around us, like living in a world where we would not move joyfully or without being able to transport our minds and soul into musical journeys. Or being in a world without bathing our eyes and deeper soul with lush and significant imagery ~ like being inside a black and white old movie.

Therefor my Art has been my saviour, my harbinger in times of hardships and challenges. Having found my own creative expression, and birthing the 5th Dimensional Artwork has been so important to me. You can see my 5th Dimensional Art pieces in this gallery.

What would my life bWaves in Blue copye without Art and Creativity? What is life all about if not the sound of endless possibilities.

Thank you Music for your immediate enjoyment

thank you Dance for your appreciation of our bodies and

thank you Art for being here to reflect back at us life’s gestures and events.

Keeping Art Alive is my life’s work, yet at times challenging, as I don’t have time for a full time schedule in the studio. I always think one day I will be able to sit all days of the week to draw and paint. Yet life is so engaging and busy with so many other projects and items in my life, that I have not yet gotten to that luxurious space. Still, I do get to create a fair amount, and await to be able to make Art a full time existence in the future.

So these creative modes are notBlue Spiral2 luxury for our being hood in this world, but necassary additions, otherwise our lives would be meager-less and color-less. Which brings me to the next point of appreciation. We should also appreciate Colors. If our would would be only gray, we would also be way more gloomy; so let us be thankful, each day, for the palette of amazing colors our creator provided us with. Thank you!!

To bathe your eyes further in viewing my oil paintings and  5th Dimensional Art, you can also visit my FaceBook page.

For more information about 5th Dimensional Happenings, you are welcome to see videos. 

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Much love and keep moving, inspire and create, Eva Ariela