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Time to enjoy Art again…

Another busy week with planning, editing and creating new Art pieces for my summer Art show in Stockholm and in the autumn exhibits. It’s always exiting to share and show one’s Art, yet as with any trade, there is leg work, so we are going through footage of videos and pictures which takes time, attaching a few for your viewing. Looking forward to do more of these joint performances and community events in the future.

Meanwhile, we are getting ready for the next 5th Dimensional Art projection next week, this time it will a projection on the musicians wearing white clothes, The 5th Dimension will be reflected on the performing musicMicaela Flamenco ANGEL in VOIDian with the sounds of the 60 ties, like Led Zepplin and other fun oldies music.

The venue will be taking place at the amphitheater in Nachlaut, Jerusalem, hosted by Sobar; Community Woodstock Festival, 8th june. The Jerusalem Sobar Music Club For Youth , will be playing along other cool bands. The mission of Sobar is to get youth off the streets, supporting tools for creativity to come out. In attempts of taking away alcohol and drugs and replacing it with muze and music. Their chosen name says it all, Sober verses ‘Sobar’.P1020851

Here again, the combination of Art, Music and Dance, will be part of the event! If you feel like you want to go back in time, and feel the 60ties, you are welcome to check out the attached flyer below. It’s time to enjoy these times again, through music and art! Basically, its also time to enjoy Art again!!

In terms of astrological perspective, these days there are similar planetary alignments which indeed occurred in the 60 ties, such as the planets Pluto & Uranus. Then they were conjunct, and now they are squaring one another. Even so these outer planet of our solar system are effecting one another and our world within different angles, with similar effects on the global consciousness & challenging current times. One of the positive side, since we live very stress based and fear of terrorism, etc as of today, their is a collective need to return to the ‘good old days’ ~  the Flower Power sweet days like in San Fransisco 1965 and onwards.

And since I am am Tulip O Holic (you can see my Tulip dictionary for the translation in my book), I love anything that brings love and tenderness to people. Basically, any solid fluffy ‘lovy-dovy’ additions to our lives is always welcomed. And as you may already know, I love painting and creating space for Tulip Healing to happen.

Many blessings and see you hopefully June 8th in the time warp of Woodstock!photo

Love, Eva Ariela