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Tulip Love brings abundance into our lives

After a wonderful week at the west coast archipelag of Sweden, & a successful 5th Dimensional Mulit Media Art Happening in Gothenburg, it’s now time for me to head back to Stockholm with more exciting work. This coming Thursday, August 27th, I’ve been invited to the Vattumannen, a bookstore in Stockholm where I’m going talk about my Tulip Love book & lead a guided visualization & mediation. This wonderful and beautiful flower, the Tulip is more than just a flower. The tulip has so much more to offer to us  human beings than meets the eye, its not just the look or smell. The flower has special magic, with several hidden features, such as the ability to be of healing to people and make us relax. In a natural way, without any other distractions, its presence allures perfect love & harmony, and more….

Tulip love by Eva Ariela

During my life this magical yet simple flower has followed me in my art work, in dreams and visualizations. Out through history the Tulip has fascinated mankind, royalties and nations; a special admiration has often been appointed to this kind of Regal Beauty. Since it become a friend & mysteriously fascinated me, I started to share its silent language with the world. I feel there is an hidden love that resides inside the flower, and has an ability to help people heal.

Thanks to this close encounter, the tulip has lead me to several things in my life: the opening of the healing center Tulip Temple in California, and the Tulip Center in Jerusalem, as well and writing a book on the topic; Tulip Love ~ a healing model for individuals and communities:

Tulips hold a mysterious love and means Perfect Love in Ancient Mythology. Tulip Love is a Healing Model for Individuals and Communities. The symbol of the Tulip enhances our Inner Beauty and encourages Inner Power as we connect to ourselves and others. The book “Tulip Love” explains how the Tulip Healing System works and guides both individuals and communities to live together in a more healthy and loving way.

I also became interested in Kabbalah the last years, so I will present my understanding of it, in relation to the Tulip Love Healing work at Vattumannen, as well as share some deeper thoughts on the topic, in hope to help us find an inner tender beauty and deeper peace & love. Our lives today are very stressful, with endless demands, input with something always going on.

We are not often able to just stop all activities and relax, nor to re-think if this is how we want to live our  lives?  We’re always on the go, moving somewhere. Yet taking a few hours of ones week to rest within and do some soul searching can never be harmful…on the contrary, it strengthens us and gives us energy to carry on. That is why I believe in the power of the flower, the power of the Tulip.


I’m looking forward seeing you all on Thursday 27th of August at Vattumannen, Drottninggatan 83, Stockholm. 17:30 – 19:00. Entrance Fee: 100 SEK. For more information, please visit Vattumannen’s event page.


Have a wonderful day everyone, and remember – love brings love.

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela