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Tulip Love work expands

When the Tulip Love work expands into regular life, it proves that this healing system brings added dimensions to have we interact.

Few times a year I like to tie in my Tulip Love work with regular holidays. When I operated the Tulip Temple in Marin, California, we used to host the Tulip Love healing work, during  Valentine’s day, the 14th of February. It was called the ‘Tulipine Day”, and it enhances the message of love, not only to couples who like to make that day a special romantic event, but also to all walks of life who like to feel loved on that day.

Then during Purim, one usually have a feast for queen Ester, that is when invite folks for a Regal Feast. Everyone is welcome to attend in the their Regal attire and become the King and Queens they are. This is usually in the month of March, making our winter months filled with celebration.

During the summer months, there is a Biblical Jewish Holiday, Tu B’ AV ~ which is a Feast of Love and is always during Full Moon. Tu B’Av in modern-day Israel, is celebrated as a holiday of love (Hebrew: חג האהבה‎, Hag Ha’Ahava, similar to Valentine’s Day).tulipine day

Next Tuesday evening 4 Aug. 2020, TULIP LOUNGE will host such a special event ~ Listening to our Heart beats  during this year’s 2020 Tu B’ AV ~ Feast of Love & Full Moon. TULIP LOUNGE, was created as an online Tulip Love venue, to help us connect via our hearts and virtual healing touch. As we are experiencing the difficulties of not being able to meet in physical space and time, this is at least a comfort. The pandemic may seam to be getting worst, therefor we will listen to our HEARTS desires, each other and getting stronger in our faith.

Its a perfect time to elevate & celebrate our ability to LOVE, a power universal force, just as we enter into Tu B’Av/ טו באב (it’s mentioned that in this biblical celebration of love, brides to be were dancing in the fields, in order to find their mate, form the different 12 tribes).

Tulip Love work is based on sharing deep love and truth between us unique beings and become the beautiful blossoms we were born to be. We will focus the intention on how to expand our love, with our close ones, in our lives and how to attract our beloved & more.

As the Moon will be at its fullest, I will be leading a guided Tulip meditation, in where we “bloom into a Regal self awareness”. We will sit as Queens and Kings, manifesting our deepest dreams, inviting in kindness & beauty we all possess.

with Tulip Love and much HEALTH to us all, Eva Ariela