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Tulip Planting

Tulips have a special magic touch and allure about them, which enchants many flower lovers. Their indescribable subtle effect, also explains the reason why the Tulip Mania occurred in 1634 to 1637. Beyond the flower based Healing system, that I wrote about in the book Tulip Love, I also host planting events to manifest our prayers and wishes. During the autumn and early winter, it’s a good idea to plant tulip bulbs, as they can manifest our wishes as they are deep inside Mother Earth.

Imagine that when you plant your Tulips and ask for what you want, there are Tulip Angels hearing your prayers. They want you to have your heart’s deepest desire come true, provided it is the right time in your life for you to receive it— also taking karma (or Tikkun in the Kabbalistic way of thinking) into account, of course. Imagine there are conscious beings in the fifth dimensional plane or higher beings that look like they have Tulip-shaped heads, making sure your prayers are heard! If we allow ourselves to receive their blessings for manifestations coupled with their strong connection to our Earthly Tulip Flowers, this can become anchored in our reality.

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela

FEATURED IMAGE: Tulip Beings depicted ~ Illustrated within the ‘5th Dimensional landscape’

Image used for Eva Ariela’s Masters Thesis & Project ‘Kin of Kiva’

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