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Tulips and Peace

81755043_2475513549433077_6966792972541100032_nTulips and Peace, today we gathered in the Old City of Jerusalem to make a difference by Co Visioning 2020 and creating a Better Future for us all. This vision came to me over the last year 2019, and it felt important to meet 1 January 2020 to Co-Create a window of opportunity.  Also, I felt it be good to continue the flow by meeting once a month during the year 2020, around New Moon, so to keep the ball rolling. Each meeting would make the energy rise higher and we will be able to overcome, G’d Willing the difficulties in our world. Maybe a bit Utopian, but its important to pray for Peace and Harmony.

The vi20200101_114014sion is like a snow ball; the more we roll it in the snow, the whiter and larger it becomes. So can we also enlarge our consciousness, and begin to make a difference. Amen…

I believe we have the power to overcome and make a shift in our reality by thinking positive thoughts and visualize positive creative solutions. In hope we can keep the momentum and move to new levels of a special global village of Peace & Harmony.

Anyone who like to create events on the 20th of each month, please let us know. See more info here.

Here is more info of the 2020 Co-Vision and Beyond.

Global Launching from 1 January to the end of 2020.
2020 is a year of BIG CHANGE, and we will pray once a month, every 20th of the month, to make a SHIFT. It’s high time for us to make a difference, to create a window of opportunity for us to pray us into another meaningful and magic future. We have the power to make this TIME & SPACE, into a powerful togetherness with a spiritual momentum of Unity. Sharing with our loved once, friends and family a more harmonious existence on our Beloved Planet, Gaia.
 82048038_1019756985058991_3161667860586037248_nThis group is an invitation for us to shift our sense of a looming future, with economical difficulties and fear ridden scenarios into a New REALITY. This forum is a place to share and for us to to take the FUTURE in OUR HANDS, by hosting Peace gatherings, Global Meditations and actions of all over the world.
Out through 2020 we will create “BOOK MARKS or GATEWAYS” to manifest another positive reality!!
We will post events occurring every 20th of the month and we will ALL PRAY TOGETHER from ALL CORNERS of our BELOVED BLUE PLANET.
2020 – amounts to number 4, which is about empowerment and inviting a more stable ground, in our chaotic world. Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter will be active planetary forces making a Global shift, which will not be so stable at all. Yet, instead of fearing our future we can make the difference for the better, by stabilizing our thoughts to positive outcomes and manifest HARMONY.
This last year, 2019, was number three, which symbolizes hard birthing year of new-ness and evolving in our consciousness. 2020 will be a great time to take care of what was created into good goals and loving communities.
LETS HO81423745_2672304332850663_885882836396015616_nLD HANDS IN PRAYERS FOR THIS PIVOTAL YEAR TO BE A LAUNCHING PAD
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Many blessings, Peace & Love, Eva Ariela