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Tulips are born artistic

Tulips are born artistic, as they exude love and glory in their multitude of petally display. Their allure can charm even the most forlorn of all, as its secret is deeper love the way may perceive. See the attached Wild Tulips from the Jerusalem hills.

For years, over history this flower had maddened royals, kings, poets and beloved, especially during the Tulipomania period. Why is that, as it hold a more profound secret in its midst, a consciousness to be held if one is open to its vibration…

The Tulip flower does not have a strong scent, if at all a very faint one. Despite that, it can even make you a bit faint if you tap into its silent magic power. It’s not to sway you away from yourself and allure you into its own egotistic beauty, but to make you remember the beauty inside you…

We do not stop to listen to its beauty, we are too busy, and I am at time as well…

Yet, I most that take more time to share the messages of the Tulips, and this winter in Sweden, more images came to me in the form of drop beings, which I write about in my book TULIP LOVE.

Tulips are born artistic, and also hold a vessel of LOVE, like a mirror that kindly faces us, wanting us to reflect our own outer and inner beauty, yet do we take time to see our own reflections?

Me and the Tulips are here to be the reminder of this delicate and innocent love. If you so will come and join us to celebrate LOVE at its glorious celebration. For information about our next workshop please email us at

Within the Jewish calendar, we are entering into the Hebrew month of Nissan, which its root word means Miracle (ness). So let’s slow down, and smell the other worldly scents of the flower kingdoms, so we can together elevate our being~ness..

With deep Tulip Love, Eva Ariela