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Tulips growth through Art

Tulips growth through Art

In my writing and in my artwork, I often like to make the parallel between us Humans and the beautiful blossom Tulip. Tulips growth through the seasons, often bring forth a new phase, and we can learn from its unfolding, from being deep inside Mother Earth, in dark places of no sunlight yet having ‘deep faith’, that growth will happen one day, to delicious blooming, later on to withering and finally shedding petals on the ground. We often have life cycles on a parallel basis.

The Tulip Love book holds a key to understanding this delicate perspective a flower holds in relation to how we humans can learn from them. In this art piece, I have depicted the normal development of a couple’s life, embedded inside the caring and motherly embrace of Tulip petals.

The First one: Young and Curious about life and its unfoldment

The Middle one: Mature and Bonded, enjoying each others company

The Last one: Older, and still Joyous and sharing deep love for one another

With deep Tulip Love, Eva Ariela

Couple in tulip UN-Folding