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Visiting museums in Amsterdam after my book talks

As always, when visiting art museums and seeing the true master’s paint strokes on canvases I have this strong desire to run to my own easel and start a new painting. After a long and good summer in Sweden, then Poland and Holland, I am now filled with renewed inspirations and ideas of what oil paintings to work on this autumn. In Stockholm, I had a lovely art show and sold half a dozen of art pieces, at the Abante Gallery,

It was really refreshing being in Holland again, meeting wonderful people as well as visiting museums in Amsterdam after my book talk tour. As I mention in my Tulip Love book, I am convinced that all the fields of Tulips growing in an overwhelming amount, are continously effecting the Dutch people in a very positive way. The Dutch people often show kind and generous ways to make us feel at home in the land of Tulip blooms, which is the ultimate ‘Tulip vibe’ quality in any case. In ancient Persian mythology, Tulip means Perfect Love, so how can it not have had a positive influence on a whole nation; ever since it began to grow Tulip bulbs after the crash of the Tulipomania period. Basically, the Netherlands is naturally imbued with endless Perfect love.20160920_143727

After the Van Gogh museum visit, I took only a few steps to the Rijksmuseum, with an endless display of all the good old Masters such as Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, Van Gogh and other great painters of that time. It made me happy to watch all these art pieces, and got a curious feeling of being transported back in the past,  being inside their studios, imaging how they felt and the ambiance in which the portraits were made in.  It’s inspiring to see the thick oil paint, manipulated in delicate layers displaying the clothing of distinguished men and young maiden playing in courts of the aristocrats. 20160920_143713

Also interesting to note, that these sensitive portraits hanging for years on end, have been seen over and over again by millions of faces… and will be seen over and over again in the future. Sometimes I wonder what if the portraits were real and the person in the painting was actually looking back at us? Yes, indeed if these portraits were alive, they would be so weary of so many visitors.

Another lovely museum that I visited was the Tulip Museum, and made a good contact for the sale of my Tulip Love books and in hope to show them my Tulip related art work as well. After the Bookstore ABC event,  I had a power point presentation of the Tulip Love book at Joods Cultureel Centrum in Amterveen. In the beginning they wanted only a presentation, but after hearing about the Tulip Love system, they also wanted to experience it as well.

In Krakow, I met with the director of the Shindler’s Factory museum to discuss the translation of my grandfather Jakob Stendig’s book Plaszow, followed by a visit to the Pharmacy museum on Prodgy square in the Ghetto of Krakow. That visit transported me back to the hardship of the Holocaust and feeling the faint yet persistent footsteps of my Mother and Grand Mother whom spent one and half year in this dreadful Ghetto; not easy.

It was a fulfilling and busy summer, and look forward to going back when I will have more time to study other Master’s wonderful work. In the meanwhile, I will now focus on my own Art work and look forward to the next Art fair, to sell my art.  For more info of my Kabbalah posters and more, please visit my ETSY shop.

Many Blessings and with endless Tulip love, Eva Ariela