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We are on time out

Wow, what a time we have entered into? Such a sudden shift, all in order for us to change out of our old unhealthy global ways, and finally to see how we can rebuild a better global village, environmentally, physically, mentally and economically, G’d willing. Yes, not easy to be on time out, but I think our Creator is telling us indirectly, that we took for granted Mother Earth and each other and we need to relearn.

Since we are all in a new reality, looked into our homes, I am hosting zoom meetings, sharing guided meditations and Peace visualization. Hosting people who share how to protect ourselves, energetically and visually, etc. Usually I post about my different art projects or events, but this time it will be a blog of reflections and some meditative art. In any case, to see my artwork, please visit my gallery

In one of the beautiful meeting in zoom land, one thing that came up for me as I led the guided meditation was that we Humans are on Time Out!!

Just like parents tell (or used to tell) their kids to be on time out, sit in the corner, go to your room, when behaved negatively, we are now expelled from the Garden G’d/Divine Creator gave us.

We have misused Mother Earth, we exploited one another, we have destroyed our oceans in egotistic needs, we let the poor work hard so the rich get richer, etc. etc. etc. So until we begin to LEARN how to take care of one another, take care of ourselves, cooperate and save Mother Earth, we will not be allowed out of our corners… our homes. The moment we learn the lesson and start to implement I think the ‘c’ virus will disappear mysteriously.

Thank you Achutan Wong Eisen for your great work. Look forward to our next session again. Blessings

Thank you Estariya Venus for your great singing and chanting in the Dolphin vibrations.

Look forward to our next session next week, if interested send me your email to, and will share whom will join us.

Here are a few points of observations regarding these challenging time 

Old and New Stressors

Interesting times, now we can finally distress from working so hard and from letting go off being in an endless rat race. We can be at home and relax.
However now, we may have other internal stressors, how shall we survive physically, financially and socially? Diabolic situation, as on one level we can rest finally, as well as nature starts to breath again, yet inside we may feel uncertainty and fear of the unknown. This is where we have to embrace that there must be a bigger purpose and that we will come out of this stronger and with more faith. Trusting is the only way… With love and blessings from me, the Tulip Lady.

Mother Earth can now Breath

G’d/ Our Creator/HaShem thank you for waking us up from our self-induced trance by creating a FULL STOP.
I talked to my friend today and she said she feels shame how we did not know how much we had ignored Mother Earth. Yes, I think we are now in quarantine to remorse and only allowed back into LIFE’s Beauty after stop taking things for granted. It’s amazing how everywhere animals start to roam around freely. I am sure the trees can breath, the oceanics feel the waters getting cleaner, also less sunscreen pollutions destroying the reefs. Now the animals can hear their own mating calls again, no freeway noise… the birds can be heard in cities again. HaShem/ Creator thank you again, and may we each other better and revere Mother Earth again. Thank you for waking us up from our self-induced trance!

The virus does not distinguish between Poor or Rich

Pretty amazing how our Creator found a way to keep us in lock down; a time to reflect how we can co create a better future together and revere Mother Earth and each other better. Letting go of divisions and separation, just like the ‘c’ virus does not distinguish between poor or rich, we are all in this together. Since we have SO MUCH TIME to think it’s a perfect gestation period to manifest new ideas that are environmentally friendly, trading ideas and taking care of all ages, social groups and faiths… etc.

Divine Protection

In our quarantine isolations, we are not alone… our Creator is with us. For those who do not believe in G’d, then maybe feeling the Divine hand around us, redirecting us, protecting and loving us is a new reality. Loved ones from above or angels care about us as well.

Analogy ~ We & computers

Here I like to compare our current times to us & computers. It’s like our Creator is putting us on a hold button, then we will go through a reset stage, followed by a new download of a better & more advanced revised program. Hopefully it won’t take too long, I assume it’s up to us how fast we will be learning the new version.

Take good care and may you all be healthy and happy, despite all the very hard times upon us.

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela