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What can we ‘spring’ into our lives?

art fair cinema1-2016When spring approaches, the urge to be outside and celebrate the bloom and abundant smells of tree blossoms becomes evident. People’s faces are happier and exited about playing outdoors again. So when Passover comes, it’s kind of hard to be inside cleaning all the time, but when the job is done, the feeling of being clean and fresh is great. Despite all the chores,  I feel happy to invite new things in my life, just like the Tulips when its coming out of the ground, it displays it’s petals to bring in new beauty to our world.

What new energies can we bring into our lives? or what can we ‘spring’ into our lives during the Spring?

Blooming, Blossoming & Beautify all begin with B….

Music, Movement & Muze all begin with M…

Shining, Singing and Smiling all begin with S…

S for Spring, the favorite season of the year, as it says goodbye to the winter and welcomes the Summer. It makes the spring more fun, and the autumn, more gloomy. The fall gets a bad rap, but again, it’s all part of our life and death cycle, so we can’t complain. Life is what it is, and believe me I wish Adam & Eva, never ate that apple, and we would still be in the Garden of Eden, but that is not what is happened, therefor we now live in a world of duality of good and bad. So let’s really do ‘our best to be the best we can’ and to be good to our friends, family and neighbors.

Yesterday we posted a mezuzah I painted, with a newly re-freshed kosher ‘klaf’/parchment and it was good to create the bait mezzuha for the building. Knowing that many will kiss it for their own protection and well being of their homes and life, feels satisfying. In a way, a mezuzah is the ultimate feng shui fixer. It ensures our own homes to be safe and flow with healthy energies. Mezuzah has the root of ‘Zuz or Zaza’… which means in Hebrew, ‘to move’ and/or to expel things that are not wanted, or for things to flow more successfully into a good direction. Sometimes, present and past situations at hand or unwanted residual energies/karma can linger in homes, so the mezuzah, can clears spaces into renewed well being, that is if kosher and well kept.edit mezuzah

Mezzuzah Golden TulipIf people, who are not so religious, only knew the meaning and importance of this, EVERYONE would have it in the their homes. It’s really advisable to have it, at least, in the entrance door post yet many have it in every room out through their house. Where I live there are many rooms, so I have 8 mezuzahs, and 8 is beyond the 7 cycle, so may it bring forth even more infinite-ness to us and the people who come to the Tulip Center for healing and gatherings.

During the spring, its a perfect time to check one’s mezuzah before Passover/Pesach, as it’s part of an inner spiritual clearing as well. It’s advisable to check one’s mezuzah between 3 to 7 years maximum. Therefore, its a good time to begin this process during the new year of Nissan, the New Year of the other ‘Rosh HaShana’.

The featured image is of me at the last Art Fair in Jerusalem we had on the Women’s International Day. I am attaching my link to ETSY here and if you want to come for a private visit at the studio, please let me know. Beyond hand painted mezuzahs, I also create other Art & hand painted art pieces for homes and offices, for people to enjoy artistic touch with personalized family names of children’s names.

Happy Spring, Eva Ariela