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2022 ~ Co Creating New Beingness

What will 2022 be like ~ Probably a new landscape in where we Co-Create New Beingness.

WOW, we are into two years of a this strange pandemic journey, and many of us wonder what this year will be like? Will we like it or not? How will our work situations look like, our health, our family & friends well being? So many uncertainties and unknown.

We may feel we have little control of how our world will navigate itself, as its spinning into new zones… but all of our actions, thoughts and deeds have IMPACT.

And how we think and bring about our day, no one can hinder. We may be more restricted, more surprises, yet no one can take away our faiths and love. Instead, we can choose to thank our creator each day we wake up…

that we can breath G’d Willing

we hopefully have water and food

good company and beloved friends etc. (even if only on zoom, till further notice)

So my wish for us, is to cherish our lives, no matter how challenging it may be right now…. Or if we are in a good space, then being even more thankful, and spread the love and trust to others.

The main thing for me is how we can make a positive difference? We started meetings 1 Jan 2020, and have been meeting once a month the last 2 years. During the end of 2019, I felt its important that we CO-CREATE a new reality the coming years, also given the harsh planetary influences of Saturn & Uranus, etc.

Please visit our Co-Vision Facebook group, to tune into out monthly zoom events. We will have our next event 22.1.22

  • 2020 ~ Co-Visioning
  • 2021 ~ Co-Creating
  • 2022 ~ Co-Being

Our future is quite uncertain on many levels, in terms of the length of the pandemic, social implications, financial implications, yet the only one thing is for sure is we can

stay in deep faith and deep knowing

being creative and loving

those are our chosen ways.

My wish is that this year 2022, we will meet more at ease, while sharing joyous love and enjoy one another so much more. Sharing creative moments, good food, good music, dancing and loving care…

As new seeds for the Joy to come this year, I am posting my Tulip & 5th Dimensional Art Pieces. To view more of my art, please visit my gallery page.

With you, I am awaiting new unexpected heart filled outcomes.

With much LOVE, Eva Ariela