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Maybe I can venture to say that my 5th Dimensional Artwork is a form of a melting pot between a physical realm within an artistic landscape … basically allowing for a playful space of interactive art. So can I say that my Art meets Science? I think it may, and many say my art is both other worldly yet accurate, so maybe it is a channeled reality from an existing dimension in our galaxy? This is what I have felt for years and see in my meditations, and it’s probably the reason I can ‘download’ these images without planning for a certain outcome…. it just pours out of me.

Usually we artist hang our paintings on walls and await peoples reactions, for good or for bad. But here I am inviting the audience or participants to be involved within the actual ‘canvas field’. The 5th Dimensional Happening is created for the viewer to actually be the participants, almost like they are the artists them selves… or the brushes that make up the painting.

Many ask me what is the 5th Dimension. To me its another worldly consciousness, filled with Joy and Colors, high oscillating energies, vortexes and spirals… almost like another galactic exisFlamenco-1866tence. Yet its not far away from our reality, its just 2 dimensions above our 3rd Dimension. So in a way its like a free space ship ride into a cosmic world.

From having done this for 15 years, I have seen it fits well for all faiths, ages and people who like to enjoy a new experience of the Arts.

We are used to see art from the traditional viewer’s perspective in Museums or Galleries… in where we stand still and we get an impression; either good, pleasant or we move away in disinterest. This form of Multi Media Art, is an invitation for you to enter into another playful landscape, to feel flexibility, to feel child like and move in within the realm of freedom… A Dance of Letting GO, not needing to look good, not needing to be perfect, not needing to be grown up and not needing to take care of anything of your regular responsibility in life, but to be playful and have fun.

When we move we fee_DSC9998l better…

When we dance we feel elated…

When we interact with others we feel connected…

When we move inside a 5th Dimensional Landscape we enjoy life from another angle….

People are invited to come in white clothes… When we wear white we become pure and clean, and at that spacial 5th Dimensional Happening projected colors land on our bodies, reflecting the 5th Dimension on our own physical bodies… making us a bit galactic and enjoy an escape from this world’s third dimensional stress..

In the Zohar, its mentioned that when we leave this state of consciousness, we enter other dimensions and one of them being the one with colors. This is what I call a certain 5th Dimensional Awareness… Many musician play from that place as well. There is far less plastic art or fine arts related to the 5th Dimension, if at all, yet in the new age and music world its a known element of awareness.

So could my art be defined by any scientist?

In a way, I wish I could ask my Mother’s Uncle right now, the physicist Leopold Infeld, but he passed away long time ago to the other side. Maybe he would have been glad to observe my art and may have found some interesting equations that explains the 5th Dimension from a human perspective.

Maybe I am tapping into this dimension naturally, since my Mother was an scientist herself as well as her Uncle. Leopold Infeld was a physician, and he worked closely with Albert Einstein on few books and projects. He approached Albert Einstein and asked for permission to write a book that would explain Einstein’s evolved theories to a regular person, so that his work be known to the general population as well. Albert Einstein gladly accepted his offer, and the book Evolution of Physics became a best seller in the 40ties and after; its still selling well. (You can see them both here in this picture from Princeton University).

Here is a quote that acknowledges the existences of the 5th Dimension:

The main novelty of Einstein and Bergmann was to seriously consider the fifth dimension as a physical entity, rather than an excuse to combine thinfeld_1938e metric tensor and electromagnetic potential.


5th Dimensional Happening near the Sea

If you feel like entering the 5th Dimension and also visit the sea, then plan to come to Caesarea this early spring….

In a month we will host a 5th Dimensional Happening at Caesarea Cultural center…

to celebrate the International Women’s Day.  Stay tuned for more details…

11 March, 2018 at Caesarea Cultural center, in Cluster 3, Caesarea


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