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Will my Art be approved too after the Day of Atonements and New Beginnings?


Since we’ve entered into a New Year in the Jewish Calendar, renewed with different energies and fresh motivation, I’d like to take the opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and plans for the new coming year. Since its now also New Moon and the new portion in the Torah/Bible, namely Genesis, I hope to re write my personal story.

There are some things in common between the beginning of the new Jewish year, and my artwork, and let me share how I think that may be.
In the end of the previous year, leading up to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we don’t know what to expect and what to look forward to.
We know something’s going to happen – but what? Will it bring us happiness or sadness, smiles or tears? Will my Art bring Joy to the viewer or not?

During the Day of Atonement, we stand in front of G’d/ HaShem to recall all the good and not so good deeds we did last year. Will we be forgiven; will we make it; will we fail? Just exactly like a new painting or any other piece of art.
I guess if I were a student again, then the Art Teacher would be my judge, yet in front of G’d, I believe he/she would always approve of my creative off springs. To the contrary, when we are talking about deeds and actions, not sure G’d would always & unconditionally approve all my mischievous deeds?

So after all the holidays are over, and I once again start to paint my handmade Mezzuzut & Shabbat candle sticks, who knows how they will turn out this time? Will they tend to look like flowers… considering I am a Tulip O Holic!, or may some new creations come out this year? One of the many inspirations when I start a new project is the unknown – the feeling of not knowing what will unfold, what to expect and what the final results are going to be.
As mentioned before – in similar to the beginning of the New Year, or even more so, like Genesis, what’s going to happen?
What will life be like this year?

That particular feeling of the unknown can appear in many different ways, shapes and formats. I love them all! Nothing is as wonderful when something unexpected turns out to be perfect.  Like when you’re seeing a beautiful 5th dimensional art painting being promoted on Etsy, or hanging at a Gallery, you may think… “Ah, this will fit just perfectly in my living room or in my bedroom”. If so my art piece will obviously be very happy to be part of your wall collection, guaranteeing to smile back at you on a daily basis.

I am inviting you to take part of my enthusiasm this coming year and join a different and spontaneous art style? Weather its by coming to the 5th Dimensional Art Happenings, or acquiring an item for your beloved home. Might not be bad idea to have an other-dimensional art piece in your possession. May bring great surprises to your life…

For more information about my wide range of art – please visit my website, my Etsy store or connect on Facebook. Let this year develop the way you like it to pan out – with swift, yet gentle forward movement, full of bright potentiality and love. I guess the saying “The sky is the limit” never gets tiresome.

I would also like to remind you all of this week’s upcoming event, Poetry for Peace, taking place this Thursday, October 15th in Jerusalem.
This event is in memory of my beloved sisters 40th memorial. For more information, please visit or contact me:
Eva Ariela Lindberg 054-4860597

Happy New Moon & Love from the 5th Dimensional Artist,

Eva Ariela