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Women are the ultimate creators ~ artists of life…

We just celebrated the Women’s International Day all over the world and we had a lovely gathering at the Tulip Center, coinciding with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. As an artist and believer of our Creator and the power of the Shechinah, I feel women are the ultimate creators of life as well. Of course men are needed in the equation, in order to bring forth children, and women are the vessels to hold an embryo for it to develop. (See attached Oil Paintings I created, Tulip Embryo & Tulip Girl). Even if it is a more painful process, it’s the responsibility women have taken upon themselves, in order to create life. So in a way our Mothers were/are our Artists, whom made us, and we are all being their very unique and ‘special artwork’. So we should all celebrate WOMEN all over the world for this amazing ability.

Tulip EmbryoAt the New Moon event, we also talked about the sense of balancing the Male and Female forces, just as the Solar eclipse started to take form during the early hours of Tuesday morning. The Sun represents the male energies and the Moon represent the female energies, which merged in a super moon~solar eclipse, seen mostly in Asia & a bit in USA. May our world know more balance and harmony! How can we as an evolved race, respect and honor each others gifts, the men for the procreative power of their seeds, and the women for their nurturing holding space for safe delivery of such a special joint creation; the baby and their ‘mutual painting’.

We sent love and prayers to the region & globally, knowing many circles of women got together all over the world, hoping for all women be strong and healed everywhere. It felt good to celebrate with women of different ages and walks of life… Thanks Emunah Witt for your blessings and sharing about Reb Shlomo Carlebach teachings. Also thanks Dalia Landau for sharing about the cosmic times to come, if it’s the upcoming fly by Asteroid or the almost newly discovered Planet beyond Pluto. In addition, I led us in a ‘Meditation of Blooming’ into the new month and working on how to protect our selves energetically against terror acts, etc.

Since I am an artist, I can easily visualize images in my mind, and transfer this ability through the guided meditations and visualizations. It really helps us to move forward better in our lives if we can imagine positive outcomes and create more positive thoughts in our mind. That also helps our body to stay aware and alert. How to navigate around in life, as thoughts and ideas we hold within our psyche can effect our physical condition on a daily basis.

So being an artists is not only a place of painting an oil painting, it’s also about painting a better future for us on a regular basis and that pertains to everyone. For example, if we are to enter into a challenging job interview, it really helps to envision, or paint in our mind’s eye a successful outcome; or even draw an image in where we see ourselves signing a contract with the employer. Or if we really like a person, and we are too shy or afraid to contact her/him, so visualizing her/him being really open to our contacting them, can help.

Tulip Girl-Oil

With a bit of imagination we can let our minds create our life, instead of being bugged down by life’s many challenges, thinking we have no power to change it. We can with the power of our mind and imagination create a new palette of experiences…

Happy New Moon & Rosh Chodesh Tov,

Much love, Eva Ariela