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Zooning in on my Art

These days I am ‘zooning in’ on my art on the actual canvas, sharing detailed images on Instagram and other media.’ Zooning in, ”honing in’ and ‘fine toning’ (fine tuning) … on my already existing paintings is fun, sort of like revisiting a good old friend and fine tuning some aspects of the friendship.

20160803_073338It’s really a satisfying feeling to make an enlargement of one’s original art work, to focus in on various spots in the creation. When we used to take images with the classic camera, then a macro lens would be sufficient for any enlargements, but in today’s electronic age, enlargement is so easy, that even toddlers are good at it. So what we used to toil with in the past can be cut and re-scaled in a few seconds on a smart phone.

The idea I got from my wonderful teacher Ross Drago, in Berkeley, during my schooling years in the 90+ties in California. This way I can ‘hone in’ on special point that I see a particular interaction between figures or an interesting mixture of colours in one spot. I love the way oil mixes with its own colours and pigments. I guess it also transports me to when I was a kid, when we looked in children’s magazines, searching for details that were missing in one image verses a copy of it.

I am attaching two images of my art pieces in this blog, as one usually posts a whole piece, but here I post both, the original artwork with details. The details of one of them is in the featured image.

20160621_140630I am really looking forward to my art show in Stockholm, I have had art shows in Sweden, but for some reason not in my birth town yet, so I am exited about that. We will also have music at the vernissage, by a professional musician. The Abante Gallery is located at what is called “Pucken” in Södermalm, which is a nice easy stroll from Gamla Stan in Stockholm. On this street there are many other Galleries, with a rich history of Swedish art. Stay tuned for more details to come.

The art show will be a combination of two of my styles; both the Tulip motifs as well as 5th Dimensional Art. It’s called

“Tulips in another Dimension” A time to escape into another landscape.


For more information, you can visit my Face Book invite and be wonderful to see you at the opening, Thursday 18 august, 2016, from 5 to 9 pm.

Many blessings and let’s keep sharing beauty and lovein our world.

With Tulip Love & Art,

Eva Ariela