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50 Art Pieces

up side down

At times an artist goes through stages, styles or periods of different art mediums. The last year, 2020, I did a series of Healing through Images, during a period of 7 weeks, from the Jewish Holidays of Passover to Shavout – called the Counting of the Omer or Sfirat HaOmer.

As we are entering again this year, 2021, the Counting of the Omer, there is a great opportunity to rectify and remedy our selves and our beloved planet, Mother Earth & our world. Each day brings another attribute we can heal individually & globally. Since I became more observant of the Jewish traditions, I have been counting these spheres daily, during this period, for a decade. In the last year, during our world 2020 pandemic I started to draw one image per day.  I am adding few here in my post.

As we enter another cycle this year again, from March to May, I am inspired to create & re-create more images. Each day has another attribute which correlates to the Tree of Life, and so by the end of the counting we have done a collective healing for humanity… G’d Willing!!

tiferet sh' be'Netach

I am sharing few of the 50 Art Pieces I started and hope to be able to exhibit them later on, as things start to open back up in our post pandemic era.

With love and Beauty, blessings, Eva Ariela