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5th Dimensional Representation

One way to share my art is through the 5th Dimensional Representation.

I developed the 5th Dimensional Artwork style in 1990, In Berkeley California.

It was inspired by a great teacher, Ross Drago, in Berkeley California.

This style was born out of a cosmic awareness of movement set into vibrant colors mixed with the oil medium. A stream of images came out of me, conveying an energetic vibration of consciousness and symbolic movement. The 5th dimensional language serves to enhance a sharper vision and “seeing” beyond the canvas, into a dreamlike landscape. The symbols become an integral component of the paintings, as we are reminded of the fluid, sacred, geometric forms of the universal life forces embedded in our consciousness, as well as in nature. My  paintings are created in a manner where the images become gateways into another world of interpretation.

People order with me their own personal visual representation of what they like to have in their office or home setting. It becomes like an energetic window into their own day to day life, for example, it can be a depiction of a dream they have and when painted in an abstract 5th dimensional format it invites the viewer to entertain a fancy ful other worldly existence in our day to day life. Like an invitation to view a piece of the mysterious cosmos in your living room. Another great thing is that these art pieces, give out a good vibe and send good energies into people’s working place and home.

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The 5th Dimensional artwork comes to celebrate the playful imagination of the human spirit, the cosmic energy patterns and deeper mysteries. It invites the viewer to enter into an unknown yet friendly and magical landscape. It’s also a visual language where the medium is used to enhance a sharper seeing “beyond the canvas”.

What might appear as one image, unfolds into more of an expanded observation if one takes the time to look closer and deeper into the content.

The paintings become gateways into another world of interpretation.

If you like to order a costume made art piece, contact me here!

Many blessings and be safe in these times. Eva Ariela
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