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5th Dimensional springboard of visual delights

Woman’s Liberation - oil painting

When I was born, my dear Mother, bless her memory, exclaimed “Anden & Handen”, which if translated from Swedish means; The Soul & the Hand”. I had placed my hands near the sides of my face and my curious eyes, as I just started to encounter this new world. In those first minutes of my life, I guess she saw already then…a creative and a spiritual being in front of her.

I love to paint and create things with my own hands, and I am so thankful for G’d’s gifts…how he designed us to be able to do so many tasks with only one pair of hands, day in and day out. I consider myself being a spiritual person, with a deep love for the arts and mysticism, yet in one sense also materialistic. Like one says in the New Age world;

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. (Quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin).

detail of tulip family

That is why the canvas has become my launching ground for the soul I AM ….the springboard of sharing visual delights, that cannot be conveyed in words, but more from a 5th Dimension. That is why I also like to gather people to dance within my art, for self growth Tulip Love workshops and for peace circles, as I know this life is only a temporary one, and we are here to ‘polish our souls’, improve our ways of being in relations to others, showing kindness and love, etc.

The being I am this life time, Eva Ariela, LOVES to combine the spiritual, the creative and materialistic expressions into ONE painting called LIFE, summarizing it into a great bundle of joy, full of love and happiness. Yes, it may sound a bit too idealistic! Don’t assume my personal journey, has been all dandy as it has not been like a bed of roses, or if anything it has not always been a Bed of Tulips…Still, its been both joyous, flowery & mystical yet a hard life with many losses and challenges.

One of the definition of the classic artist or even musician, is ‘artists tend to suffer in lives’, as we feel life’s up & downs and go into a collective global awareness. That is why we have to paint, sing or play and express what we feel, see and hear on a daily basis. If we don’t have this outlet, we may self implode and all the creative juice may reach no one nor no where. We absorb so many different visual impressions, so the canvas, the paper or sculpture become willing partners in transforming our feelings into form.

That is why the 5th Dimensional Happenings are exiting too, as it brings my artwork out into an abstract form in space and touches people as they move around in a projected field of colors. It makes it a collective together-ness experience, verses just being an oil painting hanging on the wall alone ~ trying to look good!

G’d created the world, with all what it entails and includes: us human beings, the animals, heaven and earth – as well as everything materialistic in this world. Yet, we artists have to be the ones that ask people to step into a different reality. Some of us might be more interested in materialistic lives, others in business and some in creative lives. There are several different ways to combine different elements – and that’s why I like to unite all aspects in order to be more balanced in life. 

detail of space opera

Even though the task at hand of an artist is to express oneself, it will of course not be limited to daily materialistic moments, far from it.  I have to confess, I am planning to paint a 5th Dimensional piece on my car! Can it be more vain then that? Not so bad, though, it will be a moving gallery and some people may like to contact me to make them a commissioned art piece.

My intention, over time, is to create art that covers my entire daily life rhythm – meaning from my deepest dreams during my sleep, to 5th Dimensional visions, to the flowers I’m planting at the Tulip Center, or enjoying wild Tulips while hiking in the Jerusalem hills.

I’m excited providing you with a collection of paintings showing this combination, at my Art Studio in Talbiye or at our 5th Dimensional Happenings. By providing my audience, my followers and my customers with a deeper understanding of my being-ness, and my art – it will be easier for the viewer or participant, to connect to my creations, as well as develop in themselves a relationship to something purely physical, spiritual, mystical or creative that is uniquely theirs, and theirs alone…

So G’d willing join me…on the path of mystery to explore new dimensions…Life is short!!

With love, Eva Ariela