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Art from the past into the future

My artwork is usually playful, colorful, dynamic and futuristic, which you can see in my 5th Dimensional Happenings. Other art styles, are Tulip motifs and whimsical illustrations, which you can view on my gallery page, Still, on occasions I also create art pieces that share the deeper human psyche, the emotional expressions of life situations or painful moments in our lives. One such artwork, called ‘Witnessing’   I choose to submit into a Poster competition for Yad Vashem 2019. This piece is holding a more solemn side of my artistic variety, yet with a streak of hope.

So the last months I was working on this poster, which is meant to be used for the Holocaust Memorial Day at Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem, and of course I hope it will be chosen. If not, then may they have chosen the very best artwork that will indeed convey the message of NEVER AGAIN shall we have to experience such atrocities as the Holocaust. And I say this given my own mother went through the worst hellish situations possible in human history.

It is important to me to share my own artist expression of how I feel the Holocaust effected me and my family and our human race. In the featured image in this blog, you can see a sense of witnessing, a sense of despair as well as hope. In the image there is fire, deriving deep from the destruction and then there is the sun above it, as a sign of hope even in the darkest hours of history.

I created this image as an internal emotional impression of being a 2nd generation, yet feels this pertains to the 3rd and the 4th generation of children of survivors as well. On some level most generations can feel this past, if not having witnessed the Holocaust survivors directly first hand, then knowing their grand parents, hearing stories, or drinking in the painful past via the ‘Mother’s Milk’.

The poster includes a quote from psalm 78, King David’s Book of Psalms. I am high lighting these words in the Hebrew text: “So that many will know, we shall rise and tell the story”. It’s about the last generations who gave birth to their sons and their sons in turn will share the past.

With much love and peace, Eva Ariela