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Art & Indigo Children

The new generation of Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children have come into to our planet the last decades. And I believe we have even a newer wave that were born after 2000 ~ the Shecinah children, that are highly connected to the Divine Feminine light. As these amazing enlightened young beings grow, we will be in for a wonderful future with many surprises, as they will lead us into new ways of seeing the world. These children are also very gifted in expressing them selves in the Arts. I can’t wait to see how the Art & Indigo Children will open a whole new visual spectrum.

PLAYSHOP flyer-backTo my regret, I never had children for several reasons on top of my divorce and that my life was so full of amazing and diverse experiences, that it went by too fast! Since I was driven by Tikkun Olam, hosting Tulip Love healing workshops & Booktalks and many Peace projects and taking care of my ailing parents in two different countries, I never had the experience of seeing if my children would have been any of the above mentioned special young beings. I was told that I myself am an early Indigo child! That could be, as I am super sensitive being, and so are these gifted children, often perceiving the world from another perspective.

As mentioned, not having children of my own, I have become the Auntie of many of my friend’s children, and I feel very close to them. They call me Aunti Eva or Doda Gingit (Red head in Hebrew). That has been a wonderful addition to my busy life, as I love playing and interacting with children. In the past I used to work as an Art Teacher at the BRJCC in California, and also at summer camps, which was fun and satisfying. We also have Art classes along side with Yoga for kids,  at the Tulip Center. See attached flyers.

Another venue that has followed me all through my life is to paint whimsical childlike paintings and drawings. Here is an example of Children and Tulips. I love children, and always feel like a child at heart… I think we should all feel that inner joyous and12.12.12 Childrens world@TULIP innocent spark within us, till the very end of life. It keeps us energetically young as well as spontaneous and surprised by life a new.

For the curious of heart, and who like playful Art, you can visit me website or my ETSY account.

I know there are more delightful things our Creator made for us on this Divine platter of enjoyments. The question is, do we know how to enjoy that which was given, or are we too occupied in destruction and in polluting our own selves, our environment and Mother Earth?

G’d willing there is an awakening in the world and many see how we must go back to more organic living, eating healthier, work in less stressed based jobs, learn how to talk with kindness to one another and finally see how we have been unconscious… this is what is now a days is called Emotional Intelligence. To be aware and be in tuned to one another as we talk and as we make business deals, and more.

The darker forces, who see the awakening of the Human consciousness, the Feminine and the democratic ways, feel threatened and want to deminnish these positive and life affirming forces. We will need a lot of strength and love to overcome evil inclinations, and what comforts me personally is the new generation of enlightened children.

Many Blessings and Keep Playing, much love, Eva Ariela