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Art, Music and the Unknown…

What makes an art piece a good art work for the eye of the beholder?

What makes a song something that moves our entire soul and body?

What makes us satisfied, with our entire mind, being and senses?

What makes us fall in love with a certain person?

What makes us tick and move forward in life?

Life has it’s multitude sets of events, and Art, Music and the Unknown… such as also Dance, Poetry and Healing come along as we move on in life, to make it more durable & joyous. That is why I love painting and creating space for Tulip Healing to happen. Yet, do we really need the luxury of Arts & Sound vibration? Can we live without it? Yes, we can technically live without the Arts, Love and without Music, but would still be as happy? In the same lines, would we be able to live without Mother Nature’s amazing bounties? We must do all we can to preserve it’s environment.

With out all that, it would be like going to a concert and not 20160512_135816being able to hear the musical instruments. It would be like being on a date and talking through a glass pane. It would be like walking inside a forest without being able to hear the birds chirping and the wind move through the trees, without feeling the buzzing bees wings flying by and the flapping of the wings of butterflies talking to flowers.

Luckily we do have all these amazing delights and luxuries in life, yet we at times forget to enjoy them. Despite stress and pains of life, all these G’d given miraculous moments keep happening around us, but we are often too busy to let them into our lives.

At times, I wonder how we can be ‘scrolling down the Facebook feed’ and move through so many experiences in only a few minutes? Making us in one way effected, yet on the other hand de-sentisized. We may be reading about a friend’s joyful wedding, while the next post is about a hanging of an innocent person by extremists or horrible human trafficking. How long do we stay on a challenging post, until we move on to the next post ~ sharing how to make healthy chocolate raw food cakes?

Is that to teach us that all what is happening to us at the same time all over the world, is for us to understand that we are all in the same time and space continuum? That we are all in this experience together, and each time we are experiencing a different fate, life time if you so will and a different karma? Does it make one better or worse, or are all these our learning experiences upon Mother Earth and in a world built on duality and yin & yang notions?

Are we learn20160403_134901ing how to become more ‘detached’, so that we will be able to endure the coming future changes, which are getting more and more radical and unbelievable? To learn how to hold space for more and more experiences? To become more multi-faceted and tolerant? That is why I think Art, Sounds and Beauty can sooth our souls in these times.  I am also very thankful I have the talent to paint and draw, as it brings me inner peace and joy to others who watch my art that I created over the years, or for those who purchase it.

So the Arts, Dance, Music and Beauty are our saviors in these turbulent times. May we find time to sit and create, to visit exhibitions, museums and art shows; to enjoy the world of visual delights. Art has it’s role of sharing beauty, also by questioning what is the meaning of life or it can just be a depiction of our own reality…

With deep love and abundance, Eva Ariela