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Art, Peace prayers & Music

During times of continued social distancing, we keep our monthly Peace zoom gatherings Internationally. Our last one was geared to the Visionary Art, Peace prayers and Music. We heard banjo and guitar playing, Tibetan bells and more. If you want to join our monthly events, each 20th of the month, check our Facebook group. We invite you gladly, as the more of us making a difference the better. Muse, Art & Music makes our challenging times and the 2020 pandemic, easier to bear.5f1f1af7-2599-49f1-b14e-1ec140a6986d

Another way for me to personally handle the stress and social isolation, was to produce ‘One Art Piece a Day’, during the first months of the pandemic. I used the Counting to the Omer as a tool to display each day’s symbolic meaning on paper. In the summer,  I got a commissioned art piece, and it was great to create something taylor made for the costumers that work in a corporation.

I have also started a new series of oil paintings, and since the weather in Sweden during the summer allows for painting outside. Happily I resumed to work with this favorite medium of mine, Oil on Canvas. I have made 3 sets of diptychs and one large oil painting which took a month to complete, and it feels good to deliver the art piece to the clients.

Even during these times of uncertainty, in our lingering pandemic, it’s wonderful to be able to continue to paint and do my Art while completing other projects. Visioning a good world, despite all gives me hope and energy.

In hope our world will come back to a new ‘normal’ sooner than later, so we do not get too used to be socially apart. Not enough did the smart phone era make us less connected to one another, and now we started to live in zoom bubbles. A bit scary… and it makes me fondly remember the days I studied Art and lived in California, where we used to meet a lot, painting, dancing, partaking or leading workshops, healing events or tribal gatherings with the Native Americans, and much more. etc. Also the amazing  festival in Israel we have celebrated over the years; looking forward when we can dance again together in the streets of Jerusalem.

Where have all those good times gone? They will reappear, after we all have learnt the lesson of really honoring one another and being together as one whole global collective.

I believe, we are co~creating “NEW good times”, in where we will meet in refreshed physical forms again, with out masks and virtual hugs. It will be a meeting from within another presence, of a deeper place and with greater appreciation, G’d willing.

Many blessings and much love, Eva Ariela20200831_121418