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Commissioned Art Pieces

detail Monica TomasIf you like to order a Commissioned Art Piece as a couple, family or as an individual being who like its own story to be told in images, contact me. We meet (if via zoom or in person) and talk about what is important to you in your relationship/s and past memory. We decide how these recollections will be demonstrated visually on canvas or other medium. The art piece can be a private collection for your home or display in the office for organizations.

This year when people were and are still on look down, people’s values about their life and each other changed. One started to appreciate one another more and have more time to recollect the past. So I began creating like a ‘story board’ of different kind experiences couples may have had in life. How they met, where did they travel and what was/is special and romantic for them in specific situations, etc.

The featured image is the third commissioned art work since the pandemic started. Attached are two details of this image, in where you can find the moment then the couple made vows to one another and their son sitting on the moon.detail Matteus

Another Beautiful Love journey of a very devoted couple, their journey as two beloveds is depicted in an oil painting called The Birth of Divine Spiral

To order a special Art piece that shows your personal, beloved or certain family history in your life, (depicted either in a fixed media art piece or oil painting), please contact me.

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