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Courage to Love – not only a Valentine’s Heart

It’s soon Valentine’s Day, and we will see many hearts flying around on the social media and in stores, chocolate covered hearts, heart shaped balloons, and what not. And we love painting and drawing hearts everywhere, and if we leave love notes, that simply yet heart felt symbol comes at us over and over again. Even as a professional artist it comes up in my oil paintings. And after all, that precious organ ~ our heart ~ is our friend till our dying day, and with it we love so many times in our lives, so Valentine is a good time to remember to open our hearts anew and even wider to our loved once and family. To take courage to love even more…

How many times have we wanted to share something endearing and caring to someone but became shy or thought they may think it inappropriate? How many times have we opted to stay silent when we felt we should say something to a stranger in an elevator or at a store, as we thought it may help them or just to share thoughts of care to help another being in life?

What stops us from sharing spontaneous from our heart? Fear and closed off-ness. Or too busy, or ‘I have to take time for myself now’ attitude, etc. How many times have we not passed a homeless and felt their pain and despair, yet did not reach into our wallet as we were in a rush or too jaded with too many beggars.

How many times have we had misunderstanding with loved ones or co-workers, while wanting to say ‘forgive me’ or to talk it through to clear misunderstandings or other issues? But often we let it pass. Why don’t we make an effort to do all this, as we know if we take that extra step, we will feel better. We will feel clearer and have less things clogging our minds and psyche, plus we enable the other person to share their feelings, being heard or understood. It is so healing… so how can we have courage to be more sensitive & honest human beings?

How can we reach out to someone we like or share the love we feel towards someone even if it may be a bit embarrassing or vulnerable? How do we dare to take a step and declare deeper love for a beloved. How do we take courage to share if we were hurt by someone, or felt abandoned by someone’s actions, how that made us close down emotionally; yet now take the courage to make a difference by saying what is true…

All these emotions and thoughts, are often with many of us on a daily basis. And if we only dared to keep our hearts more open and gently share our truths, share more what we feel and think, then so much more healing would be in our lives. Freedom often comes when we take the courage to speak what is in our hearts. Many think commitment takes away ones freedom, but one can be so free in a relationship if one share ones deepest truths and needs. That gives both a togetherness of love yet based onfreedom to be whom we are.

Tulip Magician-HEARTAt the Tulip Temple in Marin County, or other venues in California ~, we used to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special Tulip Love healing event, called the Tulipine Celebration (see featured image). It was very sweet, as it was not overly focused on match makings or only romance, but on the open-hearted love we can all share collectively with one another. That is why we need to take courage to LOVE on all levels and therefore expanding the ripples of love everywhere. Part of the Tulip Love book is talking about that…

Soon we will enter the Valentine’s weekend, and we can take it to new levels of love. Not only between beloveds, which is wonderful we have one day of the year dedicated to LOVE & Romance only. Below, I am adding a paragraph from the Tulip Love book, in where I share all kinds of loves we can have in our lives, and may we find ways to increase the level of love in between us all and in various relationships, and of course especially between beloveds.

Tulip Dyads ~ First of all, love for our own Inner Beloved is crucial, (as is Love for the Divine), only then we can love our “Outer Beloveds” even more potently. There are all kinds of “Beloveds” as we expand our love beyond ourselves, not only to the romantic Beloveds, but also to those based on deep sister- or brotherhood, depending on the nature of our relationships to our loved ones.

We can mean a lot for each other, in spirit and in heart:

  • LoverShare intimacy, feel the passion for your sexual partner.
  • BelovedsLovers who share deeper spiritual bonds through a joint journey.
  • Husband/Wife— a Sacred Union done in matrimony, a commitment to each other, an intention to stay together, “rain or shine.”
  • Being one’s own parents—Caring for our own inner tender child.
  • Father and Daughter/Mother and Son: Revere the ultimate expression of beauty in the opposite sex—a mentor relationship.
  • Father and Son/ Mother and DaughterRevere the ultimate expression of beauty in the same sex familial relationship—a mirror relationship.
  • Grandparents and Grandchildren—A crucial link for both generations, but often neglected in Western society. We must return to learn from the wisdom of our elders.
  • Queen and KingWhen partners feel like true Royals together, the sky is the limit!
  • Two Children—Together they can establish deep trust, friendship and play, glorious mischievousness and can often create inner secret worlds.
  • Spiritual Brothers and Sisters—deep friendship, pursuing similar interests with similar vibrational patterns. A sense of belonging beyond the physical plane.

We are all special flowers,with different shapes, colors, fragrances and appeal.

page 202, Chapter 11, from the Tulip Love book.

Yes, we are all special beings just like the flowers, filled with beauty and tenderness. With Deep Love and appreciation to all my friends and family, and to all my contacts I have all over the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day & with Tulip love, Eva Ariela